The Shadow Side of Ego

I feel like over time the ego has been given this negative tone. It’s something that’s a shadow aspect only and people try to do with out it. Some actually believe you can live your life without it and by doing so makes you enlightened and more spiritual. False. The ego is an entity of its own.
 Like everything in life, it has a shadow side and it has a light side. Which side you partake in is of your free will and choice. Your ego -self esteem, the inner child, positive pride in who you are and what you bring to the world, confidence and trust in the world and self.
Negative aspects- smug, cocky/conceited, trust issues, lack of boundaries, false confidence and judgement made against self and others. There is nothing wrong with either side of the ego, as I believe it’s all apart of our human experience and BOTH sides provide valuable lessons and wisdom needed for ascension and enlightenment. We ALL experience both sides as humans. No one is immune to this. To live without ego is to rob yourself of the human experience and miss out on an important lesson of B-A-L-A-N-C-E.
Everything in life requires balance. It’s not about living without ego, as I have already stated why, it’s about maintaining balance in opposing forces. It’s not about living in just the sunshine, and it’s not about living in just the storm. It’s about the in between. The place where you have sunny days, but you also have some rainy days. Each complement and complete each other in a perfectly divinely designed manner.
So, when you experience the shadow side of ego, don’t get mad or try to distance yourself from such an experience. Don’t give it a negative feel. It’s there to teach you, to help you. Use it to help you understand what the balance is and how to maintain it. When you see another in the shadow aspect of ego, let them be. That’s their lesson, and there is nothing wrong with it. Just as you step in to that aspect, let it be. It’s okay.
We are all on our own paths and each path, spiraling in our own unique fashion, will bring us to our destination in perfect divine timing. Hope you enjoy and leave with a higher understanding….Love and Light, Jade

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