Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo

We are in the thick of the Eclipse portal. For many of us it has been a time of change, often unexpected developments and circumstance compel us to re-asses the track we have been on, as we are (often, not so gently) nudged along to get back on our own ‘special’ path.

All of us possess our own ‘special’ brilliance. This has been a theme of the past month, as we are in the second Leo New Moon of 2017. The first New Moon in Leo in July brought to us a glimpse of the magical possibility of what it could be like to live a life that emanates from the heart, filled with joy and creativity. The Lunar Eclipse of the past two weeks has introduced novelty, shining a light on the group of friends we have, the communities we belong in, and our role in them. What new connections were made? Where are you emotionally in relation to the task of developing what truly brings you joy in your life? Are you able to express yourself within your community, be encouraged to, and allow others to shine? This Solar Eclipse presents a powerful opportunity to move ahead with taking the lead in creating our own true, magnificent and brilliant life. How can you follow your own Sun, becoming the King or Queen of your own castle?

Some questions to consider at this Solar Eclipse are, what does living a radiant, heart centered and joyful life look like to you? What makes you, you? What are the unique gifts, talents and qualities that are within you, and that would be a gift to the world?

Where and how can you shine and share your unique light? The Sun is at home in Leo, and at this Solar Eclipse, there are bright, confident and bold energies that support us in bringing our heart’s deepest wishes into being. It is a good time to note the messages and revelations that are being brought to us, and set our sights on the positives and successes up ahead. The Solar Eclipse is in an exact Trine to Uranus in Aries, helping us to make speedy changes, and to break up stagnant patterns. Our individuality is emphasized and celebrated.

The nature of Eclipses is change. This could feel highly uncomfortable to where we are resistant, or could facilitate rapid flow if we have been engaging in the process of self-work. Where it falls in your natal chart, and aspects it makes to your personal planets tell the story of when are how the Eclipses influence your life. This Solar Eclipse has the potential to be highly creative, centering you back in your heart, and in your life. Its influence stretches from 6 months to 3 years. Enjoy the wild ride, and celebrate.

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