Attracting Good Things

During my spiritual studies, I was amused by what I recently heard on a fantastic podcast. The lady in question said that when things don’t work out for us, they are REALLY working out for us. I had to smile as it made me reflect on my own life and the times when I felt that so many areas of it were not working out for me. However, the reality was that the Universe had bigger and better plans for me – like what it has for YOU!

Do you feel stuck in life at the moment? Do you think that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work out in your favour? Do you feel that the job is unsuitable for you or you are not with the kind of person you need to be with? If so, the chances are that the Cosmos has a BETTER job and a more SUITABLE partner to offer you! Furthermore, when you try something new, or it isn’t working, this is simply the spirit world and the Universe’s way of showing you a new direction to find your true path in life. Trust me, the Universe does have your back – but you still need to know how to effectively work with it. Yes, YOU, like me, are a Co-Creator with the Cosmos, so you need to learn, once you have decided what you want, how to cosmically attract it. How to goes like this:

Listen to your intuition.
It is via our intuition that the spirit world guides us and points us in the right direction in life. See your instincts as your internal GPS system; they will always guide you to what you need and want from your earthly experience. That said, this is not always that easy, so the following may help:

a) after you have connected with nature or chilled out by whatever sensible means you usually do chill out;

b) when you are by yourself (imperative);

c) when there is no internal chatter, i.e. you are not questioning if, why, when, and what you should do and

d) when your focus is on something completely different:

When in this “open” place, you will become more sensitive to spirit, who will implant a “knowing” in your conscious mind right out of the blue. You may wonder why you are thinking it and where it came from. It came from that other world to help YOU in this one. Furthermore, spirit should speak to you in a voice similar to your own, so please listen when you hear it as it should assist you greatly!

Get yourself in a good place WITHIN yourself.
There would absolutely be no point in working with the Law of Attraction if you are not in a happy and relaxed place within yourself to start with. Indeed, you need to be in a positive place within yourself, teach spirit, to attract all the abundance the Cosmos has to offer you on the outside.

If you are not exactly feeling in the best of places, emotionally speaking, then call upon Archangel Raphael, the emotional healing angel, to send you some support in your time of need. Then self-invest to the maximum, and a great way of doing so is to feed your five senses. What is meant by this is to make sure that as much as what you hear, see, smell, taste and touch is as upbeat and emotionally uplifting and nurturing as possible to yourself. Now we can begin.

Co-creating with the Cosmos.
To do the above effectively, we need to remember the following:

Relaxation, Concentration and Expectation = Manifestation.

Relaxation, which self-investment can help you achieve, is essential, so get yourself into as comfortable a place as possible before proceeding to the concentration stage.

Before drifting off to sleep at night, visualize in your mind’s eye having what you want, whatever it may be as if it was already yours. Do not visualize into the future; by doing so, you could push what you wish to attract into the future, which stays away from us forever and a day. Instead, focus on having what you want as if it was already yours and put some colour, detail and positivity into your internal imaging as it can help to charge it with power. Whatever you do, make this a pleasurable experience!

Once you are happy with what you have created in your mind’s eye, see your desire as being encapsulated in a giant transparent balloon or simply put a white light around it. As long as the image is encapsulated, that is all that matters. Having done so, see your image drifting off to the Cosmos bearing your heart’s desires. Smile, relax, put your faith in the Cosmos and go to sleep!

That was the easy part!

Human beings tend to wait for things to happen, which is perfectly normal. However, when we wait, we can worry and worry is a negative emotion, and when any negative emotion is expressed to the Cosmos, what we want to happen tends to manifest at a slower rate. Therefore, spirit always advises that we “expect everything but wait for nothing”. You see, positive expectations attract positive end results and not only that, they can do so more quickly.

Drop the “How’s
People tend to rationalize (I have done so myself) and question how something could happen. Respectfully, says spirit, figuring out how is not our concern or shouldn’t be. After all, the Cosmos is the orchestrator of events in our lives; all we need to do is focus on the end result.

Finally ….

Acknowledge your worth.
Sadly, many people, myself at one time, do not take on board their own worthiness. Please do not do this, as acknowledging your worthiness to an abundant life could only help you align yourself to one and help your fellow man more once you have done so.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like a reading, require spiritual advice, or to look at the above subject in more depth.

In love and light.

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