Time to Rebuild our Soul Structures

Hello my name is Indigo Enigma and today I want to go over all the growth that is happening with all the star signs. I may not shout out your sign individually but just know that there is a rapture of growth happening to us all and I wanted to kind of touch on it so that we all know where to go for the next year.  We have had a crazy couple of years, between a virus and social distancing we’ve really had to grow and understand what it means to be independent, what it means to have to change beyond our own control. Through this we have all categorically changed into something, now what you decide you’re going to be is all up to you. Oftentimes we think of growth as linear, something taking place over a long period of time but growth can happen suddenly and quickly when a situation exposes itself to make us show our true colors and that is exactly what has happened.

So let get into it!

For our air signs such as Libra it’s time to reap the benefits of all the hard work that you guys have been putting in. Air signs have been going through it. You really had to show determination, effort and will to make it to where you are right now and it’s time to finish out those last steps and reap those rewards. Make sure you’re very aware of the growth that you’ve done and the things I have made you stronger because those are the things that are going to push you forward into your next life.

My fire signs like Sagittarius, and Aries. It’s the spontaneity and fire that you put into your life that brings so much joy but it’s really time that we learn how we burn and what we burn for. In this growth cycle we’ve had to learn how to become a phoenix . We are really rising from the ashes and it’s okay. I think fire signs had to learn what it meant to burn, sometimes themselves and come out a new person and you have. This is a great time to be fired up!

Earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn, baby you are the example of being grounded. But it’s time we release some of that tension. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that we’re in a place of safety. We’re in a place where we can be free a little bit. It is really important for Earth signs to understand that life is precious and to actually live. You work so hard taking care of everyone else and taking care of your family and friends that you forget to sometimes take care of yourself. This next year is really about taking care of yourself and seeing where that growth will lead you.

And lastly my beautiful water signs like Aquarius and Pisces. Let the water flow onto everything. Has water signs you spent the last couple of years really trying to maintain that energy of outpouring love and support for everything and everyone that you do. This is the time when that energy is going to start pouring back into you I’m sensing a real life love story coming upon those water signs if we’ve been in periods of break up this is the time when we’re going to start seeing new relationships blossom. This is the point where our water that we’ve been pouring out into the world is going to start coming back into us and I cannot wait to see the beautiful partnerships that come from this next year for those water signs just be mindful that you are every bit of magical that we say you are. Know you’re worth because you have grown into waterfalls and it seems only fair that you share that love with somebody who shares it back to you.

I hope this reimagining of our soul structures will lead us into a better New Year just know that you have all done the work and we can all see your butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

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