The Power of You

When I started in the spiritual business, I really didn’t understand much of anything. I went into thinking that I could read cards and they would tell me everything I needed to know. I found out through the course of working with clients that it isn’t just about reading cards, it’s calling upon spirits to help you figure out what a particular client needs to learn. I went into Tarot reading with the goal of making a bit of extra money on the side. I soon made psychic reading my life mission and made more money than I had made in my entire life. I achieved this goal through manifestation.  How did I do this? You may be asking yourself.

Well, let me explain. I was stuck in a job that I absolutely could not stand. I was actually suicidal while working at this job. I was afraid to drive, and I did drive only because I thought I might die in a car accident on the way to work. I was completely miserable in my life. I quit this job and decided to perform a retail job, which was not as bad, but definitely not fulfilling.

One day, I decided that I was a psychic and a Tarot reader. I put a sign in my window that said “TAROT,” I put my phone number underneath this sign, and a person approached me the same day for a reading. When I put up the sign, I looked out the window and said “I am a Tarot reader from this day forward.” I believed I could. I began applying to online platforms and was accepted immediately. My road as a psychic reader was beginning. I soon received a slew of clients and became a well-respected reader on my site.

My point of this story is that believing something to be true is manifestation. Any of us can manifest exactly what we want right now. Those who are empaths, psychics, or whatever your certain set of gifts may be are naturally master manifestors. Believe in yourself and your gifts, believe everything you desire has already come to pass. I knew what I was, and I literally spoke it into being. You can too!


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