Numerology and Karma

If you like spirituality and astrology for orienteering your life, you may also pay attention to numerology. If the study of the mystical relations between the numbers, the letters, and the patterns. It’s hermeneutic where we can learn the number of your soul, personality, karma, etc.

Karma is what we are going to present all the time we have learned it. It’s a number we want to learn to integrate. All the great experiences, the traumatic or important ones that we can present in life, have to be with the KARMA.

To find your number, I need to add the number of the month, the day, and the year you were born.

Example: Let´s think that you were born on the 18th of September 1980. You have to summarize the numbers of the day of your birth: 1 + 8 = 9. Read the sums of the digits of the 09th (the month of September): 0+ 9 = 9. Finally, the sum of the year 1980: 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18. As the last number is double, we count 1 + 8 = 9.

Now we add all the main numbers: 9 (birth date) + 9 (birth date) + 9 (birth year) = 27. We reduce this number, summing up our digits: 2 + 7 = 9. It means that your number is 9.

 You can use these meanings as a reference to understand your numerology or to interpret any number that appears in your life.

Number 1  It aims to learn to work for independence in one, be more individualistic, to manage the economy without dependence on the other. The person with KARMA 1 is generally raised in a place full of people or siblings. 

Number 2 It is a person who is destined to serve others. They can live their lives in this way, living and helping others.

Number 3  It aims to learn to express the way you are and that you are talented.

Number 4 It aims to learn to be organized, be practical. It is the number that indicates the remuneration and concrete work. The stability, the material creation of its projects, and the care of the details must work the constancy and the balance, which require more than the others that are different.

Number 5 It aims to learn to be free, to be able to adapt and adapt to the changes. The simple fact of not finding what is adequate, or simply feeling alone is accompanied. Do not find a balance in love.

Number 6 Learning to look for conflicts and find a way to confront them. Learn to form a family with harmony.

Number 7  Be open, incorporate knowledge, learn to be alone and in communion, feel abandoned, animate, and assimilate, his spirituality must be constantly improved to balance the balance you need.

Number 8 Its aim in life is to store a balance between the universe of material logs and the effort to design an interior design. Your desire to succeed can cause you to accept too much risk 

Number 9  It is destined to burn its life in the morning. Live in his genetic program, the lesson quiz is more complex so there is no need to change anything. The highest aspiration is the fur of the spiritual leader. It was called the Great Master of All, a universal spiritual hero.

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