2017 Health Predictions

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! As expected this time of year brings some nasty illnesses and little brief spells of feeling groggy. So to better understand what will happen in terms of health for this upcoming year on a global scale. I have drawn some cards to help give some insight.

ashley-card-2The first card that was drawn was the 10 of chalices/cups. This represents harmony with one’s fellow man and a good reputation. This shows that there will be more help offered to others. People will start to be more willing to help when regards to someone’s health. This could mean more offering of food, clean water, and medicine to other locations. This means other countries that usually do not help could be helping! This a very positive card in terms of health.

ashley-card-3The second card is the 6 of chalices. This is a sign of simplicity in a intellectual and spiritual form. Illnesses will not be as advanced or as detrimental as what they have been in recent years to need vaccines. The typical allergies and minor illnesses are expected. More old age treatments like herb usage and essential oils will grow in popularity to help with illness. There will be a more simple approach to help illness. This can be a giving of supplies to others to improve their overall health.

ashley-card-1The final card is the knight of swords. This is a sign of courage and mercenary. Possible violence is apart of this card. I hate to sound political but this could be a means of political issues will rise after the period of peace. How does this interact with people’s health? This could mean the conflict provide a shortage of supplies or attacks can cause a negative impact on people. Others will be there to add people when this occurs which ties in with the 10 of chalices. Those who cause these issues to other will be met with the help of others. The conflict will continue with other groups but will be met with the aid of others.

The health of people will start to improve with the aid of others and simpler methods of medicine like herbs and essential oils. The conflicts that will be brought from other groups on certain areas of the world will continue but other groups of people from different counties  will try to help those that were impacted negatively. More unity will be brought to countries and this will benefit the people that need assistance. More people will be helped and for those who do not need as much assistance will be taking new simpler measures to allow them to feel better. Over all, this looks to be able the same as last year but more aid to those who really need it and old age usages will provide an alternative to other medications but will not completely replace them. A lot of people will become healthier and happier this year as compared to last year!



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  1. Wow this was really insightful and in-depth Ashley!
    I love the idea of a focus on age-old remedies and herbal tinctures, essential oils etc. It’s funny how we are returning to ancient knowledge!
    Thanks for this great reading!

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