2019 Forecast for Marriage and Relationships

The year 2019 has so much relationship and marriage potential! The last few months all the readings have been showing that 2019 is a big year for many of you with regards to new relationships, improving current relationships, and taking that BIG step towards a more committed relationship, which could be just moving in together or engagement. Sagittarius especially has a huge year ahead, with notable steps forwards in most of the months.

I will break this down a bit month by month for you, and sum it up based upon astrology links and current relationship status. Naturally, some exceptions will occur, as we all have different paths, but in general, these are the trends we can expect to see, and remember, the signs highlighted affect both in the relationship, so if your partners sign is mentioned, it applies to you as well.

So January bring us a LOT of changes. For most of you, that will happen in the later part of the month, when we hit the sign of Aquarius (Jan 20th onwards). Those under the signs of Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio can look forwards to a new relationship starting up, and new commitments meaning moving in or engagements for Capricorns, Pisces, Cancers, Leo’s. Those of you looking to leave a relationship will be looking at the beginning of the month for changes, and allowing yourself time to heal will be VERY important before moving into a new relationship. Jumping from one into the next during January will just result in more emotional distress, so allow yourself to heal properly. If you end up separating from someone during the first half of the month, know that your next relationship will be far better and more fulfilling once you have properly healed and met someone just a little bit later in the year.

February brings a bit of a slower month overall, despite it being seen as the month of love, with just a few signs finding new love, Taurus, all fire signs will have a bit of change, and Virgo. The rest of the signs are more likely to have flings or short term relationships, but if that is with those signs mentioned, they have the potential to still grow into something more. Those in love already will have a bit of a boost thanks to Valentines day, but not a lot of proposals to speak of this month, with the exception being those born under Sagittarius, who should expect to see good movement forwards with their relationships this month, no matter what stage they are in. Moving in, engagements, clearing up past history, all of this has potential to move forwards this month.

March shows us some new relationship potentials for those born under Scorpio, Aries, Virgo, and Gemini, for those who are looking for one. Renewed and improved commitments are on the horizon as well for those Aries, Capricorns, and Cancers looking to grow the relationship they are already in. Some turbulence can be expected for some of the fire signs though, with Sagittarius, and Aries also showing a potential temporary breakdown in their relationship. Open communication is so important this month for you, and clear expectations will help keep things moving forwards as opposed to breaking down.

April brings in some emotional changes for us all, with those born under Scorpio needing to tread carefully with their partners so as to not hurt them unintentionally, and Aries needing to also be cautious with how they react emotionally. The birthday month for many Aries can have a lot of unexpressed expectations, and so clear communication is once again the best way to work through all of this to avoid emotional upheavals. Those signs not mentioned, a bit of a quiet month for you in April, but know that the rest of the year will not be so quiet.

May is big for new relationships and improved relationships! We have Scorpios, Pisces, Taurus, Sagittarius, and Libra’s all looking to start fresh in good relationships, or progress in a healthy way in ones they are already in. Remember, if your partner’s sign is highlighted, it goes for you as well! There are no huge indications that any one sign in particular will be struggling this month.

June is all about communication in 2019. We have not as much for new relationships, but a lot of intricate happenings with regards to moving your relationships forwards or working through problems. Clear communication can never be highlighted enough with regards to relationships, so allowing an open line will help keep things progressing rather than letting them fall to the wayside. Sagittarius, all earth signs, and Aquarians, this is especially important for you. Speak what is on your mind, but be willing to listen just as openly as you want them to hear you.

July we finally see those born under Gemini have some notable action, along with Cancer and Virgo. New relationships that are worthwhile have to take time to come into play, so waiting till then may be a drag, but know that the one you can enter into in July is worth the wait! These promise to be good and fulfilling relationships for those of you who have been waiting. For those already in a relationship, this month promises a bit of a quiet time for you, with no big upheavals or changes happening overall for the majority of you.

August Has our Cancer’s and Leo’s moving forwards in their relationships, with Cancers needing to be open and not force themselves into staying when it is not right. Aries will also be making strong movement forwards in their relationship, plowing through problems that may have cropped up, and being able to rebuild from issues being overcome. Have faith that the end of this month will not leave find you alone, just in a different place with more potential for a better future. If your relationship is with an Aries, please trust their ability to manifest from what appears to be broken down or changing too fast, you will be amazed at what they can do when given the opportunity to change things up a bit.

September sees Gemini’s, Libras, and Sagittarius making a move forwards as well, new relationships where needed, but progress mostly coming for those in sagittarius/Gemini relationships. If your partnership has these two signs, know that things will get a bit interesting this month, in a good way! Moving forwards is guaranteed for those with both of these signs. As for the rest of us, September will be a bit quiet, but not entirely. This is a good time to relax and enjoy the company we keep.

October We have a bit of a potential shake up for some, with Aries, Capricorns, and Gemini’s who didn’t quite get through August and September as happily as they would have liked, but we wont leave you there. Most of you will be able to fix that relationship moving forwards, for those who want to, its just a matter of being patient for some of you, and admitting your mistakes for others. For a few of you, and you should know who you are when it comes to this, those relationships are meant to become only your past and so leaving them there will be an important move for you. Your future will be better once you have cut all ties.

November is a big moving month for new relationships again. Its not for everyone in these signs, but about 70% of you. Sagittarius looks like they will have both leaving and new relationships, a lot of Sagittarius action this month as they head towards their birthdays! Leave what doesn’t fit your life anymore, and be open to changes that benefit you. As for the rest of the signs, we have Gemini’s, Virgo’s, Aquarians also moving forwards, with new love available for many of you, and progress for the Aquarians at a yearly High. Letting go of what your relationship doesn’t need anymore will allow you to move forwards and head into the end of the year with renewed happiness and content with who you are sharing your life with.

December Almost a year away from now, we are looking at all of the fire signs having some upheaval, some good some bad. If the changes don’t break the relationship, you will head into 2020 strong and unbreakable. Scorpio, Libra, Taurus, and Virgo, you also will be able to shake up your lives a bit, in a good way, either finding new love, or renewed commitment within your relationships. A few proposals coming in this month for you, as well as a few renewals of vows.

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