2019 TarotScopes

Aries – Seven of Swords – The coming year ahead for Aries shows a conflict with ambitions and your morals. Which to you, is more important? The universe plans to put you to this test….how far are you willing to go to achieve what you desire? Watch out for those pressuring you to be dishonest, deceitful, or use deception to move along your path. It’s difficult to carry that daily stress in life, hoping no one notices. Challenge yourself towards honesty this year, and see what rewards it offers.

Taurus – Ten of Pentacles – The year ahead for Taurus shows you building more of your roots and foundations for the coming times. Being a strong earth sign, this is more of a familiarity than something novel for you! However, it can mean fortifying your own connections with family, friends, and loved ones, that can go on beyond just this lifetime. Focus diligently, and allow yourself to feel fulfilled by all that you’re creating.

Gemini – Queen of Cups Rx – The year ahead for Gemini shows issues with dependency. Where in your life are you allowing others to have more power over you than you realize? Sometimes, we can get caught in a trap of thinking that our insecurities are healthy, normal parts of a relationship. Challenge those notions this year, make yourself more self sustaining by building up your life in a way that makes YOU happy. This will help return your power to your center, and away from others who may not have your best intentions at heart.

Cancer – Seven of Cups Rx – The year ahead for Cancer shows much confusion and diversions. You might be seeing lots of options come up into your world, especially in the ways of love and work. Be aware of “gilded promises”, not all that glitters is gold, no matter what the peddler says! If you fall into a tempting trap, you may find yourself played the fool this year. Step back on any decisions and get outside opinions where you can. Especially in matters of the heart, where Cancer can often fall victim to.

Leo – King of Swords Rx – The year ahead for Leo shows that there will be times where you hold great power, but will be tempted to use it wrongly. Remember that just because you hold the sword now, doesn’t mean you always will, or always have. Show empathy for those around you when using your words. Cutting others to the quick with your knowledge is always tempting, but ultimately hurts your own connections. We rise together, but fall as one. Try to use your strengths to help those around you build themselves up this year.

Virgo – Three of Swords – The year ahead for Virgo shows emotional difficulties for this earthly sign. While a Virgo can lean towards more self isolating anyway, this year will have you pushing yourself more towards processing old grief that has yet to be dealt with. Know that though your heart breaks, you are not alone. Help is out there whenever you should decide to reach for it. This is an opportunity to draw on an inner strength that you never even knew you had within you. The only way out is through, and it’s time to stop repressing those pieces of pain you have carried for too long.

Libra – Two of Wands – The Libra will find this year fueling their needs for balance and order. The year ahead looks full of promise and opportunity, and it starts in January for setting up that foundation and intention. Take the time to buy a planner, start a calender, or get a goal kit going. Making plans will help you see the path forward, and show how to make the most of this year, so it can work for you!

Scorpio – Three of Cups Rx – While Scorpio is all about relationships, this year may be showing you which ones arent serving your highest good and intention. Take a moment to step back and examine your loyalties more. Who are you allowing into your circle who isn’t being true to you or themselves? There’s a difference between having a tough time, and externalizing their tough times on others. You may also feel yourself pulled into things you normally wouldn’t, like being drawn into a herd mentality. Be ready for some self reflection this year and losing some people you thought were on your side. But remember, this isn’t a bad thing. Just cutting chords so you can focus more on where deserves your time and energy.

Sagittarius – Nine of Cups Rx- You have worked hard this past year, Sag! And this year will show you your rewards for that. Don’t take them for granted, there is much to celebrate from your accomplishments! However, letting it go to your head will not help. You may feel some piece missing still in your heart during the quiet moments. Remember to be present, but know your roots, what you’ve gone through and struggled to achieve. Stay humble, but enjoy this year too, you’ve earned it!

Capricorn – Six of Wands – The year ahead for Capricorn shows that you may not feel you are “seen”. Being recognized for your work is important, and while a Taurus may be able to toil away in the background happily, Capricorns like to be recognized for their work. Don’t let your confidence be the one to take the shot when others do not see you. Log your progress, keep a journal or blog, so that YOU can see what you are accomplishing, and that it’s all been worth it.

Aquarius – The Devil Rx – This year ahead for Aquarius shows that there is freedom coming, a release from a lot of inner and external “demons” that have been trailing you over the years. It may be hard to know what to do when these chains are released. Many fall back into the familiar, into the abusive relationships or addictions. Trauma becomes familiar if given enough time living it. But this year, you are stronger than all that. This is your time to discover yourself and shine!

Pisces – The Sun – Rise and shine, Pisces, this year is for you! Let your stress dissolve away, and let joy back into your life. You have released much this past year, and it’s time to celebrate. This year shows positivity, joy, and success. While it might not literally be raining money, you can expect luck to be on your side this year. Be sure to take the time to really stop and appreciate those little things.

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