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Well, I don’t think anyone can say that 2020 was an uneventful year!  As we look ahead into 2021 I think we are all hoping for some kind of normalcy, for things to balance out and our loved ones to be safe and happy.

Todays 2021 predictions look to be promising for these hopes and prayers.  I have divided the year into 4 sections.  January to March, April to June, July to September, and October to December.  

Today I have used the Animal Kin Oracle as well as the Jane Austen Tarot.  


We have here the 4 of hearts along with the Fox.  

The Four of Hearts is equal to the Four of Cups in traditional Tarot.  We have here a man who is lacking in attention, silent, withdrawn and introverted.  When applied to the energy of the year we should not see too much change when it comes to the energy we are feeling now.  A lot of time alone, a lot of time for contemplation, a lot of time to spend making plans for the ret of the year.  

With the Fox energy here, we are seeing a need to spend that time in silent focus.  Spend that time finding ways to really build yourself up, create a stronger relationship with yourself.  This does appear to be a very self reflective time, and although we may feel hopeless we shouldn’t.  It is a time for looking toward our future with hope, with a knowing that we will all overcome.  The fox cannot be held down for long, the fo is cunning and smart, and will always find a way.  Solitude only inspires the fox and gives him time to plan his attack.


The energy prevalent here is the Emperor and the Jelly Fish.

The Emperor is an amazing energy!  He is strong, intelligent, a leader!  The emperor is wise and brave!  We will see with the energy here of this Emperor, structure returning to our lives, logic and practicality will be a main energy during these months. This is a time of ambition!  A time to put work into those plans we made in the first quarter of the year. 

With the energy of the Jellyfish, we see the need to go with the flow.  If something gets in our way, it may get stung, but we will continue to go with the flow. Our ambition is our strength, our ability to adapt is how we will be successful in those ambitions.  Don’t let anything keep you down or hold you back at this time.


Looks like we are gaining steam here team!  Our energies for this quarter of time are the the passion of the clubs, the stability of the traditional Four of Wands along with the magestic Manta Ray.   The Four of Clubs shows everything falling into place.  This is an energy of happiness, of goals being reached, of prosperity and celebration.  Our collective community will see breakthroughs, dreams coming true, romances falling into place, and peace and contentment all around.

With the addition of the Manta Ray, we are being asked to be present in this energy.  Be happy for each other, recognize the beauty of everything overcome and the challenges behind us now,   Continue to flow around obstacles like water, and snow that the beauty and grace of how you are handling your struggles is divine.


And finally we reach the end of the year.  The energy here is of the Hierophant alongside the Kingfisher.   The Hierophant is an energy of commitment, of tradition and of knowledge.  With this energy we see the stability we need, we see that things are settled back into place and order restored.  Anything out of balance remaining with now fall into place.  We see the need to trust spirit, trust the universe, trust our spiritual teams that they have our best interests at heart and rest.

With the added energy of the kingfisher we will find peace in our relationships, happiness, understanding. These energies combined show our collective community enjoying the results of a year of ups and downs, but being happy in the outcome.  The message now is to just BE.  Attachments area

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