A Word About Gratitude

So often we enable ourselves to fall victim to our thoughts, allowing ourselves to fall deep into the vicious cycle that swirls around and around in thoughts of what is happening ‘to’ us rather than ‘for’ us. It is merely our focus on these feelings of lack and unworthiness that creates this cycle of stagnancy in our lives, creating a systematic block in not only ours, but in the lives of those around us, as our powerful energy emits outwards onto those we care about. We spend so much time seeking for the answer ‘why?’, when in fact the truth behind what we are looking for comes down to stepping into a space of gratitude. I have discovered that the remedy behind replacing this feeling of lack is with gratitude.  To remember to not take those for granted who contribute to our journey, for they are the ones that bestow a form of love upon us, regardless of the character they play in our lives – be it a parent, a friend, a colleague or a lover. The universe places countless offerings of love on our path, often showing up in many unique forms, it is only our personal standards, expectations and restrictions of how ‘love’ or ‘abundance’ represents themselves that separates us from deciphering how it comes. Our own illusions divert us from seeing the truth of what is truly in front of us. When we step into gratitude, it allows us to accept all the forms love comes in, no matter how lonely we feel, or whatever state of despair we are in, stepping into the space of gratitude leaves us open to accept all that comes our way and ready to receive it with the possibility to attract more.

When we focus on this barrier that sets us apart from one another, we discover that it is our experiences from the past and nothing in-between that. It is often these deep-rooted feelings of unworthiness, our lack of self worth that stop us from moving forward because these are thoughts based on fear and fear is an emotion that has no movement, it creates a paralysis within us when we wish for the opposite. We are the only ones, as independents, responsible for our futures, no one outside of ourselves can tell us how to live our lives. It is our responsibility to choose how we are going to live our lives to the fullest or whether we are to continue these feelings of lack, unworthiness or low self worth. By stepping into a space of gratitude, it allows us to release our past and move forward to a more liberated future, which is all we wish for. It is through gratitude you can reclaim your power by redefining what you thought your future looks like because of this freedom.

Rather than letting these fearful thoughts dictate the shape of your life, creating the stagnancy you so badly wish to come out of, step in a more positive state by remembering those moments you are grateful for, the offerings the universe has placed upon your path to show that you are not alone, that you are blessed with abundance and love be it in small ways or large. Revisit the memories where those have made a positive contribution in your life and discard the rest, watch your space as your life unfolds into a new cycle, created only by you.

Many Blessings of Abundance and Gratitude go out to you!  ~Dara   Available at My Tarot Advisor App

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