Absolutely Positive Signs that You Have Met Your Soulmate!

Deciphering whether or not you have met a soulmate or just another average Joe can be frustrating. I mean, Men can often portray the “perfect parter” one day, and then be the complete opposite of what was originally advertised on his Tinder account. Leave it to the experts when it comes to digging deep into the dark abyss of a mans mind to find the answer to the nerve wrecking question “Is He My soulmate?” Iʼve conjured up a list for you to go by. Use this list of tells as a guide to better understanding the signs of a soulmate. (You can thank me later!)

1 – You canʼt seem to stop thinking about Him! This is going to be a colossal tip! As females in this day in age, we are no longer considered as vulnerable as our ancestors once were. -Where am I going with this? We are independent! Men have become less of a NEED within our lives. Moving on is easy nowadays because we are now supporting ourselves financially, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. (Insert an “I donʼt need no man” meme here) We have broken the rules of Many 1950ʼs inspired movies and housewifeʼs (YAY FEMALES!) Meeting your soulmate is the complete opposite of everything that youʼve just read. Check these off if they apply to you.

2 –Wondering if heʼs thinking of you as much as you are thinking of him Feeling like you are thinking about your soulmate way too much Is often one of the first signs to realizing youʼve met them. Often at times women can even begin to feel “obsessive” we find ourselves jumping to conclusions throughout our entire day. “Is he with his ex? Why isnʼt he answering his email, cell phone or the smoke signal I created an hour ago to get his attention?!” This brings us to our next tell, so keep reading!

3 – Feeling the URGE to communicate Now, communication plays a key role within a relationship. Whether he lives on the other side of the country or down the block, keeping each other feeling wanted, updated and secure is super important. But then thereʼs being loquacious (fancy word of the day, everybody) Too much communication makes for a very DRY conversation. Knowing every little detail about each others day from the minute you roll out of bed can cause you both to become bored with talking to each other and may even cause a few days of silence between the both of you. This silence is your guys way of accumulating new things to tell you about.

4 – Remembering tiny details about them No matter the case, remembering things like your boyfriendʼs peanut allergy is completely normal! But remembering Sara from is 3rd Grade science class can raise a few red flags on his end. Your guy wants you to remember the little things about him that make him unique, the good deeds he does and the little ways that he is able to put a smile on your face. Moral of the story? Sara has been out of the picture for many years, donʼt resurface her.

5 – Feeling absolutely insane and out of control when it comes to the situation You are not a psychopath, youʼre in love! (YES, there is a difference) Feeling like you have lost control of your state of mind is expected, especially when you find yourself dealing with a soulmate connection. Just know that you are not alone in this and that there are people who totally understand the struggle.

If you feel that you can relate to ANY of the 5 topics weʼve touched on today, Iʼd be more than happy to continue to help you through your journey through a video reading. ~ Dalila

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