Anger In Relationships

In relationships, it is often noticed where anger can be used as a false sense of power or confidence. It can be used as an ego driven way to establish boundaries within relationships with even those we love and wish to communicate, out of fear, when we wish create a more peaceful and harmonious environment for those we love. First, anger is often used to over compensate for a loss of powerlessness, it is important to identify the difference between what power is and what anger is when trying to create harmony in our relationships. When anger takes over in our relationships, it is this moment where we must establish if we are in true alignment with ourselves, with our true essence. In reality, we are all reflections of those we spend our times with, be it our partners, our friends even those moments we are being presented with things we dislike in someone else. We are always being given a mirror of our own personal story, our own personal wounds that need healing, however uncomfortable the story presents itself to us. It is in this moment, we see in ourselves the healing and it begins to take place and we being to trust that we are in alignment with the universe. All feelings such as the loss of control, the feeling of powerlessness, it will be released and we notice how much little importance it has and we finally step into alignment with what truly matters, love. Love is what is beneath us, it is the foundation of our existence. Love overcomes the fears, the circumstance that we deem so important that time, all that we are over compensating through our reactions and we notice how all of it fades and with this the truth surfaces.

The question is how can we look at these triggers that are being held in front of us as parts of ourselves that need healing?

If there was an anger or a power struggle from the past, these are not aspects of ourselves that we need to hold onto any longer, wherever they stemmed from or learnt them from in our lives. Becoming aware of the triggers before we choose to react, is the only way balance and harmony can exist within any relationship. Remember, when someone is angry at you, mistreating you or making you feel hurt, they are wounded too. No one walks this Earth without a lesson, without a teacher or without a purpose.

 Once we ground ourselves into this truth, their own story becomes less loud, our wounds soften and become less painful to feel and our triggers less prominent. We are presented with every encounter exactly when we need to learn it. We always have a choice, we can choose to hold onto resentment, be it towards ourself or another, or we can let it go.

We can choose to face our shadows or we can choose to ignore them, but it is best to choose to love ourselves for who we are, in total authenticity, in total truth. This is where true peace begins, from within.

~Love Light and Blessings, Dara

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