April 2017 TarotScopes


hello-april-quotes-1April is the month of Aries, the ram, and transitions on the 20th to Taurus, the bull. Be prepared to take on your projects with a head strong pursuit, and then the stubborn drive to keep them fueled. Full moon in Libra on April 11th, which would try to give balance and opposition to our Aries sun. New Moon hits Taurus on April 26th, giving you a big boost on your personal projects and career focuses. Overall this is a big month to look inward and figure ourselves out more, as our passions drive us onwards on our life paths.

Aries  Knight of Cups Rx – Keep your feet on the ground, rams, so that you don’t become the Knight in Shining armor gone wrong. Jealousy and becoming a bit unrealistic in your expectations of others while you have your eye on the prize, are all risks this month.

Taurus  King of Cups Rx– Be careful that all your drive and energy isn’t leaving others by the wayside. There can be a volatility there, an emotional unpredictable side to your bulls horns that can easily push your supporters away if you can’t find balance this month.

Gemini – Knight of Swords Rx – Gemini’s are already all in their heads, but add the energy of this month to it and it can become downright detrimental. You’ll need to focus on keep your communications fluid and open, and not too hasty in your approach towards others. Remember to think things through, and battle that inner desire to just rush on ahead.

Cancer – Queen of Pentacles Rx – Cancers are all about family and love, so it’s going to be difficult this month with all the career energies flowing. It looks like there will be imbalances in your work to family time, and that it will pose some great challenges for that heart that only wants to provide the most it can.

Leo – Ace of Wands Rx – Leo can be hot and then cold, and April is looking pretty cold. The fire is out, the motivations and desires are down. You might have to drink a little extra coffee to get up in the mornings. Push through, and you’ll find your inner fire was still there, once you come out the other side.

Virgo – Page of Pentacles – Virgo is going to find some new opportunities open to them this month, be it in their current job or while pursuing a new one. Keep an eye out on where you’re seek advancements, and take advantage of these energies!

Libra – The Emperor – Libras will find themselves favoring the masculine side of their personalities, balance, control, and becoming like a director for themselves and others. Strength is not a bad thing, even for the spiritual. Utilize your power as self love, or as love for others for best results.

Scorpio – High Priestess Rx – Scorpios will need to look more within this month, more so than others. Is there a piece of information your intuitive self has been trying to tell you, but you’ve been distracting yourself from it? Look towards meditation, calming yourself at least once a week to see what flows to you instead of always what you can have flow out to the world.

Sagittarius – Four of Pentacles Rx – Be careful Saggis, that you aren’t being a little too stingy or self focused this month. It’s good to have boundaries, but sometimes that can border on selfishness. Remember that what easily comes can also freely go, and you might not be on the high side of the material wheel forever.

Capricorn – Queen of Cups – Capricorns are in their element this month with career, so take it easy (if you can even attempt to) and let your relationships flourish instead. Give love freely, with joy, and with no expectations.

Aquarius – The Fool Rx- Be careful that your open or spiritual nature doesn’t get you taken advantage of this month. It can be so easy to be care free, and also played the fool in the same step. Even if things go wrong, use them as lessons and not to dampen your spirit.

Pisces –  King of Pentacles Rx – The last month really featured your powers, and that’s built up the Pisces ability and strengths. Having it all together is great, but be cautious you’re also not belittling those around you. Being too controlling or pressuring is a caution here with so much male energy from Aries, Taurus, and the Sun.

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