April 2018 TarotScopes

Aries   Five of Swords – When you attempt to win at all costs, you bulldoze those on your side out of the way as well. Aries are notorious for charging ahead first, thinking second. It may be time to reflect on how this affects your personal relationships, and if you need to back peddle in some places.

Taurus  Eight of Cups Rx – Sometimes walking away from what you know and love can be a necessary part of growth. Whatever was following you from the past, though painful, still will hold ties in to your heart. Be sure to heal and be gentle right now, and not fear this transition and uncertainty.

Gemini – Sun Rx – Times can feel negative right now, but that doesn’t mean forever. The Gemini should know better than anyone that there are two sides to each coin! Allow yourself this space to see the shadow aspects coming up, but don’t stress over being stuck in that darkness. Clean up what you can, while you’re down looking at the floorboards, metaphorically.

Cancer – The Star – After a difficult time, look towards this month as a time of healing, hope, and revitalization. Think of your previous months as knocking down old foundations that needed to crumble in order for your life to take a clearer path going forward. Don’t focus on what’s been lost, just on making it through now.

Leo – The Sun – Let success light the way of your goals, Leo! This is a positive sign that you are headed in the right direction, and that you’ve overcome obstacles laid before you. You’re wiser now form your trials, and let that guide you forward to better things ahead.

Virgo – The Fool Rx – Getting too excited about new potentials may actually be undermining your attempts to move forward. Be careful you are not rushing into situations where you’ll be used and taken advantage of, because you didn’t thoroughly research the potential before rushing in.

Libra – Strength – Focus, focus, focus! Trusting your inner guidance will lead the way to the strength you’ve carried within you all along. Knowing yourself is key to knowing others, and how to handle those situations you’re presented with going forward. It can help you move forward with confidence and assurance. So find that inner power! And most importantly, trust it.

Scorpio – The Heirophant – Sticking to the tried and true methods may be in your best interest right now. Studying up on what others have learned, and the lessons they’ve paved for you. Stick to the path here, and you’ll find success waiting at the end.

Sagittarius – Five of Cups – It can be challenging to not always have things happen how we hoped or anticipated. Value the time you need to process and properly grieve. But also know, it’s the death of perspective that you are feeling. You have the power to shift this perspective, these expectations, at any time and move forward. Don’t feel trapped in this time.

Capricorn – The Hanged Man Rx – Where are you stalling out on progress that could otherwise be made? Where are you letting fear of letting go, hold you back? There’s much more available to you, when you’re ready to let the past go.

Aquarius – Nine of Wands – Burnout is a very real condition when you’ve put your self care on the back burner. It can be hard to accept when it’s time to stop giving everything else your attention and energy, but it has to be done for your own health now. Try to incorporate regular check in moments throughout the week, so you don’t have to fall into this fatigue again!

Pisces – Ten of SwordsNow is the time to step back, especially after a painful event coming from an unexpected source. You might be feeling the role of victim right now, but this can often undermine your progress to really seeing the situation for how it is. In order to learn, we’ll have to step out of victim mode, and into a higher perspective. Sometimes consulting an outside source is the only way to get that bigger picture, too.

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