Are You Grateful?

It’s Thanksgiving for all our Canadian Friends and today we have 2 of our advisors giving us their thoughts on Being Grateful and blessed this Holiday season.

I’ve felt my whole life that I was put on earth in order to help others. The gift of psychic perception has allowed me and the women of my blood line to do just that. We’ve been blessed with this ability, and are more than grateful for the role we play in our community. We are all given a hand of cards and need to be thankful for the hand we we’re dealt. All of us need to keep positivity in our hearts and keep moving forward, with our heads held high. Being happy with who you are and what you have is very important, focusing on others lives can be harmful to ones self.

Everyday we all strive towards our goals, and we think of what’s next. But during our moments alone or with loved ones we reflect on the good times in the past. Keep these moments with you, be grateful and happy that they happened. We are given these special times; and need to hold on to them we are all lucky to have them. I always say to my clients and friends to hold their family and friends close as we all should.

I implore everyone to hold loved ones close and be thankful for every day we are given. I hope that I can give help anyone who needs it with the gift that was bestowed upon me. My dream is to help others make more of these memories and focus on what truly matters. Happiness should be all of our priorities, enjoy life we are all blessed to be alive.


Gratefulness: there’s so much differences between people, differences that have been implemented by the society that we all live in but the same time we share a strong bond that we have always had one of the things that shows that we are the same and that’s happiness.  We all want to be happy enjoy life and live all the great experiences but somehow not everything in life bring us happiness … maybe we are looking to much for it.  We like to be happy for what is given to us once something is not happening our way we are not happy anymore isn’t it there comes gratefulness.

Gratefulness is not given to us – we all have that since we were born. it is a gift and a simple powerful tool to happiness. Open your eyes look around you look at the colors… be grateful that you’re able to see… stop and stare for a moment you are so blessed that you have so many things in your life whether it’s people that love you and support you, water that you can drink, parents, kids,  beds – every little thing BE grateful for that.

If you think about what you don’t have and what you desire and ignore it but it’s already in your life you’re mind will not know what happiness is – only short term illusion of happiness will occur but if you begin from now to make Thanksgiving part of your every day life to be grateful every day happiness will follow you everywhere for the rest of your days.

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