Are You Lonely?

Lets face it, your lonely. Don’t worry though, because your not actually alone! Utilize this these tips listed below to ease discomfort created by loss resulting in loneliness.   The flow of Reiki energy is now activated and healing. Did you feel that! The vibration of chi ( energy ) is flowing through the heart Chakra, allowing for ultimate sanitation of negative vibrations of heart-break or loss.

Follow these simple yet effective methods of easing the symptoms of Loneliness:

1 – Allow time to mourn.

2 – Give yourself time to realize that your not actually alone!

3 – Get out there, to meet new people of course!

4 – Take 5 deep breathes when loneliness discomfort arises.

5 – Be kind to yourself!

May the Buddha bless and heal you, I take you on a journey with me, we can heal together! Remind yourself that Spirit is always here, and so am I !  ~ShawnP

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