Asking a Powerful Question

pp-6The most powerful questions we can ask in the Tarot are always questions that give us back the power that we have assigned externally to us.  These types of questions bring us insight to help us respond to and grow from our current and past experiences, making the best possible futures for ourselves by making the most-informed positive decisions in the Now-moment; decisions that truly align with our Soul path.

Example: “Will we get back together?” Becomes: “What am I best able to do right now to help guide us both to the best outcome for all involved“?

Or: “what are some things that I can be aware of to best help our relationship grow“?

Does he/she still love me” becomes “How can I best love myself right now?

“How can I support myself and him(or her) right now?”

“What are some energies I am unaware of playing out right now?”

“What is the best possible outcome for me and the other in this situation?”

Also, questions that remove Power from other people “Will he/she come back” vs “How can I respond and move my life forward?

If we don’t grow, we become stagnant and whither, like a plant not getting the right amount of sun, water, fresh air, or healthy soil.  Tarot is a tool for growth, and asking powerful questions that give us back our power to make choices for ourselves is one of the most beautiful and effective uses for the Tarot Cards.

We create the past in the now by remembering it, and we create the future in the now by imagining it.  Be Most Powerful, Now.

tico sqMany Blessings, Tico

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