Attention Gemini: How The August 2019 Full Moon Will Affect You

Working independently, you can get a lot done and even make a personal breakthrough at this Full Moon, Gemini. Improving your health is soul-satisfying; be very cautious of overindulging at holiday parties now. Even if your relationship status or career direction is frustrating you, have faith — your consistent devotion will pay off. 

“Others who have recently let you down may try to romance you back into their arms,” warns Stardust. “Proceed with caution.” You’ve had no shortage of disappointments lately, Gem. If you’re able to soften your boundaries to forgiveness while also keeping your guard up, do so. 

As a topnotch zodiac specialist, I wanted to focus on all my Gemini clients at this time because many of you are having issues this moon around… I know Gemini never runs out of things to say, especially if they’re sharing fun ideas. They aren’t, however, the best at staying cool if others interject.

“Gemini hates to be interrupted,”  but however. “This is their biggest pet peeve.” It not only throws them off their groove, and makes them forget what they were trying to say, but it also strikes them as rude.

The thing is, minor interruptions are a part of everyday conversation, which is why Gemini should try to remember that other people have things to say, too, and these “interruptions” aren’t always a bad thing.

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