August 2017 TarotScopes

Aries The Emperor – August marks the time of Leo, and the combination of energies this month shows a steady, power rising within the Aries. The Masculine and firey side to the sign will become more dominant, showing yourself to be a leader and sturdy part of others lives.

TaurusThe Emperor Rx – While others might be benefiting from Sun in Leo, Taurus will face some issues. Normally the bull is a steady already, but they’ll find this month difficult and shaking up their ideas and routines. The transition will be hard to adapt to, but will help Taurus in future endeavors.

GeminiFour of Pentacles Rx – Having too much of a good thing will be the issue of the twins this month. Are you finding yourself holding on too tightly to someone or something that has recently come into your life? It’s time to step back and loosen that grip a little bit.

CancerFour of Wands Rx – This water sign is shifting out of it’s prime element in July into the fire of Leo this August. What may have become familiar and comfortable this last month will be tested. Look out for conflicts in your home, relationships, and general communication instability and breakdowns.

Leo The Magician – The Sun enters Leo this month, and all Leos will be benefitting from this. Look at is a time when your fires are being fueled by the stars themselves. New ideas, projects, creative juices, and manifestation ability will all be flowing strong this month. Reap the rewards!

VirgoThree of Cups Rx – Know your friends, Virgo, as your relationships may be leadings you astray at this time. Be careful not to get pulled or pressured into directions you don’t feel comfortable, and don’t be afraid to hermit out a little but and seek inner solitude about what’s really best for you.

LibraAce of Pentacles – Seven of Wands – Libra’s will be feeling overwhelmed this months with tasks they have taken on. Be it a court case, past relationship, or general old energy, something is dragging you down and having you feel a little weary this month. Be sure to clear out stagnant energies and set the intentions towards a better future, on a regular basis. New moon is a great time for this.

ScorpioSix of Pentacles – Be careful of letting the Leo fire get to you this month, Scorpios. While it can rocket your dreams and intentions forward, you may be burning those around you in your fires. Let passion guide you, but not consume you into becoming entirely self focused. There are those around you who have and continue to support you who need some support, too.

SagittariusEight of Pentacles – This is going to be a month of hard work, and letting your nose go to the grind stone. You are building and shaping your future here, and this month is going to focus on the achievements of your hard efforts. Buckle down and expect big things to come from all this refinement.

CapricornFive of Cups – Not everything can always be positive, and the realistic Capricorn probably knows this better than any other sign. Emotional changes will be the focus of August, and disappointments may be consuming your sight. But remember that nothing is ever completely lost, and by counting our blessings, we can rebuild our perspective and refine our appreciation of what’s already around us.

AquariusThe World – There’s a journey being completed here for the Aquarius, an energy you’ve been working on that’s coming to a head. A sigh of relief can be felt now as you look back on your project. This may be soul work, a relationship, a watching a child or student grow, etc. Your goals are starting to make a circle.

Pisces –  Seven of Wands Rx – Do you find yourself comparing your abilities to those around you? That someone else has more, gets more money, has a better body, relationship, car, etc? The reality is that as you are eyeing others, you are neglecting your own unique experience. Your grass could be just as green if you took the time to water and nurture it. Focus on building your confidence and not on how others are doing around you.

Fern has provided us with our Monthly TarotScopes – she is on sabbatical right now but she is available at both My Tarot Advisor and PsychicTxt to give clients insight and answers!

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