August New Moon

There are many beliefs surrounding a new moon, but I want to talk through the ones which are close to my heart, and what they could mean for you. 

I like to use the new moon as a total significance of brand new beginnings. I find at this time my crystals are charged to their full capacity, and my intuitions are heightened. 

When the new moon appears it is a time to focus on where you are heading, and what your ultimate goals and intentions for the future are. 

Whatever you have your heart set on, take 5-10 minutes to sit in a quiet room, close your eyes and focus on where you want to be in your life. Ask the universe to guide you to towards these goals, and let motivation and positivity wash over you. 

You can even write down your intentions on a piece of paper and keep them in a safe place to heighten the energy. 

We sometimes feel stuck in areas of our lives, and feel a blockage from moving forwards. The new moon is all about unblocking these halts in progress and recognizing that only we can be the masters of our own destinies. 

A new moon is all about being positive. When we adopt a positive mindset and start to recognize our true potentials, those positive waves of energy will start to draw good things in towards you. 

You can almost become an energy magnet, and what you put out in terms of thoughts, goals, and future intentions, will resonate through the universe and you will notice things starting to materialize. 

Daily affirmations will make these intentions stronger, and this is one way you can start to really change a negative way of thinking into something powerful, and life-changing. 

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