August: What’s Ahead…

With mercury In retrograde there have been many turbulent emotions and heightened senses around. Things may seem like they are out of your control, or that they are just not making any sense right now. 
These uncertain energies and feelings have made us doubtful and uneasy, but The sun tarot card shows itself in all its glory which is like a light at the end of this dark tunnel. 
With the sun starting to shine there are also new feelings of optimism and balance. As we move into August there will be many peaceful offerings, and any falling out with a friend  or loved one will start to heal and make way for much more forgiving and soothing energies. 
Relationships will feel more certain and secure again, and goals and dreams will seem within reach. Now is a time to connect with nature, water, and outdoor elements to really blow those cobwebs away, and clear the mind and senses. 

If you have any questions about August and what is ahead for you please let me know! I am here to help you navigate the new month!

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