Be Authentic; Be Grateful!

We started this New Year with a powerful New Moon in Capricorn on January 5th, this moon illuminated the parts within us that allowed us to rediscover how much we can access and utilize our authenticity. I found that it allowed us to notice that just because we don’t always feel connected to our talent or connected to our highest form of expression, this does not mean we must operate as a person bound or restricted from our freedom as if we have nothing to share with the world. This moon separates all of which doesn’t feel authentic on our path anymore, creating the (sometimes painful) friction we need to propel us on our path forward, taking us away from the areas in our lives that are no longer for our highest good.  We are reminded that when we are true to ourselves, expressing what is in our hearts, following our deepest passion and when have nothing to hide, not even from ourselves when we are alone, together we can make the realest difference as individuals, as we continue to propel the highest intention of the collective consciousness.

We are reminded that we have a duty to ourselves and that we can take this duty with responsibility without feeling overwhelmed, as we set better boundaries with those that are accompanying us on our new path. We can live in our new authentic power with intention, as we want success for ourselves. We can look back at our past successes and own them, without shrinking, contracting or making ourselves feel small in order for others to feel large. Each definition of success is what leads us to where we need to be. Each detour from each person, each lesson, has made us who we are, so at all times we must remain grateful. We are being shown just how much our presence and our lives have a purpose that is so deeply rooted and interlinked with those around us; the collective and it is only by accessing our authenticity that we can create this.

So let us be grateful for all that we have accomplished and continue to relish in our successes down the line.   ~Dara  **I am available for Video and Photo Readings at My Tarot Advisor.

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