The BEST Tarot Question I Have Ever Been Asked

my-best-life1The other day I was struck by a request for a reading, and the question was: “How can  be more powerful and effective in my life right Now?”   In all my years of reading Tarot, this may have been the single best (aka most maximizing the potential of the Tarot) question I have ever been asked, and I will explain why.  In All tarot readings, the energy that is shown in the cards only reflects your personal energy and inner world. When we ask about other people’s feelings / actions , or external life situations , the only information we will get is what Is inside of us.

The reason we can then answer these type of questions with the cards is because: All Inner is Reflected Outer. All of our personal beliefs, experiences, and lessons (including subconscious and unconscious limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world) are reflected around us in the people, situations, and experiences of our daily lives.

So when we ask, how can we be most powerful, we are really asking: how can I best create the life that vibrates Highest for me? What are my blockages or limiting beliefs that are preventing me from being in control of my thoughts, feelings, impulses, and emotions?

We become Powerful when we stop giving away our power (aka adopting a victim mentality) by assigning it to the people / places / things / experiences around us, because those things ARE us and are here to guide us further on our soul’s journey of development and refinement.

The second part of the question, what can I do NOW, is the most striking because and and every change ONLY happens in the now moment. We cannot change the past, but we CAN change the perspectives of the past IN the now , thus creating new and exciting futures for us that would not have been available otherwise.

We create the past in the now by remembering it, and we create the future in the now by imagining it.  Be Most Powerful, Now.

tico sqMany Blessings, Tico

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