The Blue Moon & How it will cause the shift for Twin Flames in 2018

Last week’s Blue Moon of the year caught many by surprise around the world. The last time this lunar phenomenon occurred was over 150 years ago. But this year’s eclipse was joined together by a Blue Moon and Super Moon. There are many stories and myths to this blue moon and how it’ll affect twin flames, let alone the world. The spiritual meaning behind it, is that it represents changes and big ones. From now on you will start to notice positivity around you, you will experience higher vibrations, and an overall sense of happiness. The moon represents emotions and feelings. And like humans, both the moon and feelings go through different phases. The moon plans to eclipse this week and when it does, we must go through a temporary feeling of uneasiness and become a bit uncomfortable. As a result, this eclipse will force a light to be shined upon any areas of your life that need some attention. But don’t worry, change is a good thing. Anything that needed attention towards the end of 2017, will finally be given some kind of closure. We all know something big is in store for us throughout the coming months of 2018, but what changes will we see for twin flames?

So after experiencing the effects of the powerful Blue Moon, we will be poked and annoyed with a strain of different emotions, going back and forth in our minds and hearts, over our twin flames. Our core wounds that have been deepened and suppressed within us, will all be exposed, causing us to confront our pasts. It forces us to confront these ancestral wounds, while healing our twin’s and our own hearts. It will be challenging but, twin flames will and always get through their challenges together, whether in the physical or apart. The Blue Moon created a shift, called the Human Ascension. This ascension will cause a magnetic shift on a much bigger level since 1987’s powerful shift. An energy of light will rush into our dimension, 3D, and will cause a huge number of twin flame recognition and reunions. I imagine many of you  are trying trying to get rid of and clear out any past karmas, while experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul at the same time. But remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn. This new solstice will bring in an opportunity from our challenges to redirect them back into our energy. Fate is in store for us and our genuine counterparts will finally be joined together again. For many, the twin flame’s past heartache and pain are finally completing itself from 2017 and the years prior. Stay focused on your individual paths and believe that all twins will get through this period. 2018 is a powerful year for twin flames and you will witness more manifestations and synchronicities of a reunion, this year than ever before.

In your twin’s and your own life, you will notice this energy within you, basically confirming the new ascension. You will not only have shifts within your emotions, but also shifts within yourself and those around you. Again, in areas of your life like your finances may increase, you may find yourself busier than usual, enjoying work, or switching jobs; leaving anything that was not good for you in 2017, and going to something better. New ideas and new projects will begin for you and you will finally start on those old projects you had your mind on in 2017! What all twin flames must know is that there will be need for assertion and courage, and chasing after what you want in your personal lives and having patience with yourself and you twin. You are twin are both experience these changes and will need to focus on your individual path for a bit right before making contact or before your reunion. Remember these big changes produce positive outcomes and will be inevitable in order for you and your twin to ascend. In the past you may have found yourself wanting to break free from certain things, but was not able to in 2017. Well now you have your chance. You will no longer feel stuck, you will no longer have to wait for things to move forward. Twin flames will have their opportunity; it is approaching, it is here, we are already in the process. The ascension is upon us and this shift will be monumental.

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