The Butterfly Effect and your future

Hello! I wanted to talk a bit about Psychics, Tarot Readings, and future predictions.  So many of my clients come to me with questions about their future. And with those questions, they want to know EXACTS. Exact times, names, dates, places, all of it.  There are a GREAT MANY talented readers of all types who can pinpoint with EXTREME accuracy things that are coming in the future. They may tell you the exact month you will get married, the name and hair and eye color of your future husband/wife, the type of career you will end up in even though you never even considered it. You see at any given point in your life, now, yesterday, in an hour, you are on a path. You are on a trajectory that if not altered will lead you to a specific destination. When a reader connects to your future they are seeing it for the path that you are currently on. And as long as you travel down this path with no outside factors, or even internal ones changing your direction or speed you will eventually end up at that destination they picked up on when reading you.

Let’s take for example a rubber ball. You roll that ball across the floor and as long as nothing gets in the way it is going to travel and a pretty predictable rate of speed to a pretty predictable destination. Now let’s say that that ball instead of getting to its destination gets blow slightly off course by a gust of wind. But it’s just a light gust so it does not change things MUCH. It does, however, change the time that the ball reaches its stopping point. So it shows up a little bit late if it blows from the front, or a bit early if it blows from the back. Or it could miss its projected landing spot by just a few inches if it is blown from the side. And that gust of wind that caused that ball to move off path just a tiny bit and change the course of its future could have been caused by something as tiny as a butterfly flapping its wings from a few miles away. Or rather than a small gust of wind blowing our happy little bouncy ball off course, it could be a naughty cat with The Tower Card stamped on his head who decides to come and smack that little ball all over the place causing it to bounce off of ten different things before finally hitting its landing point.

Our future is fluid and is always changing by tiny little shifts in our path and our thoughts. It is ok to put stock into your readings of course! But do not view them as the end all be all. Anything could change your path at any given moment.

I personally do not like to read out past 3 months in my readings. I will be happy to do it if I am asked but I always let people know that the further out you push your predictions the more room for change comes in. I feel that keeping it in the 3 to 6 months time frame makes for more accurate readings. And even those are subject to change depending on your life AND soul path. The best way to get the most from your readings is to not go into it wanting to know the EXACTS. And keep in mind all readers are different and receive information differently. Some get their time frames from the cards, other get a feeling for a season or a color, some see numbers or hear it spoken to them. No two readers are the same and no two readers will be able to give you the same reading. Thanks for reading!

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