Career Mini Readings By Dan

This month, I’m drawn to do career mini readings. To see how things are going to go with your career/employment the rest of this year. Look at the picture, and see which picture draws you in. Not necessarily one you like, but one you are drawn to. Then go to the corresponding number, for guidance and where things are going to go with your career.

  1. The first thing I’m seeing here, is decisions needing to be made. It does look like there are struggles currently, but these are caused by indecisiveness, and lack of action. As a mentor points out a lot, when we are under stress, it is due to a need to grow, and move forward. In nature, it happens all the time, whether it’s plants or animals. Under stress, they know instinctively what they must do to grow. As humans, instead, we try to manage the stress. Take some time to look within, and find your way forward. Make the decisions and take necessary actions, and things will get better.
  2. I see anxiety and worry, surrounding your career/workplace. Look for a way to make things fun, try to find humor in the stress. Find a little ways throughout your day, to be able to lighten the mood. I am saying you can be very successful, it’s not an overnight success type energy though. Slow and steady, truly does win the race. Find that way to release the stress, and focus on slow and steady. Things will get much easier for you.
  3. I definitely see a need for balance here. I need to take some time, and find joy in your personal life again. I am also saying it would be good to set boundaries, to be able to keep that balance. With a big caring heart, can come people taking advantage of you. Don’t let this happen with your work, and make sure you have time for you, and the things you care about. If you can do this, things will become much easier at work, as well as outside of work.
  4. It looks like it’s time to move forward here, we can’t change the past. Living there in our heads, does us no good, and only holds us back. Rely on your friendships, as I do see friends willing to help you through this. Shift your focus to what you can do now, and work on moving forward. I do see the reason to celebrate, before the end of this year. So if you have a job, this most likely looks like a promotion. If not, I see you being happy with finding a place of employment.
  5. I’m seeing great opportunity, held back by fear of getting out of your comfort zone. Staying in the comfort zone, often leads to stress and unhappiness in general. While there is stress leaving the comfort zone, it helps us grow, and leads to more happiness, and more opportunity. Cut through those fears, and get out there. Push yourself forward, and you’ll be shocked with what you can do the rest of this year.
  6. From what I am seeing, the worst is behind you, at least for now. While there will be struggles moving forward, I am seeing them easily being overcome, by a willingness to compromise. Don’t allow the struggles of the past hold you back, focus on what you can do today, to make tomorrow better. Focus on logic, instead of emotion. I’m seeing the rest of the year steadily getting better for you with your career.
  7. Here I see the energy of success and opportunity. It looks like you’ve had an idea recently, when it comes to your career, possibly even starting a business. I am being shown, to find out everything you can about this, and go for it. You will be shocked by what’s to come, just keep your faith that it will work. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, there’s nowhere to go but up.
  8. Here, I see nothing but opportunity. Whether you’re feeling stuck, or things aren’t going anywhere for you, take a look around. there’s multiple opportunities, for you to grow, and be successful. This year, since all about taking the leap of faith, when it comes to your job and career. I really don’t feel you can go wrong here, get out there and look.
  9. I am seeing straight success here this year. It does look like you’ll have times of doubt, and not being able to see how things are going to work out. That’s OK, just push through it. If you’re really worried, try to set up a daily meditation routine, and this will help you see things more clearly. The biggest thing I am saying here, is that finances will be good this year for you. Just keep pushing forward, as anything that is worth having, is worth earning.                                                                                                                                                      Connect with Dan Today on Psychic Vision App.

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