Collective Message for current energy. Take what resonates! 

Today the 6 of cups shows up. Some of us are experiencing a blast from the past. I feel for a lot of us it’s showing up as emotions and triggers. Sometimes we avoid certain strong emotions because they trigger a past event we have tried to forget. This is coming in for you to reflect on this old wound and heal it once and for all. The past is meant to be revisited for reflection to take a past lesson and apply it to your life now. So what is going in your current life that you could benefit from the wisdom you learned in the past. For some of you, this could actually be the same lesson showing up again to see how well you learned it. Maybe it’s someone from the past. Whatever or however this applies to you, remember the 6 of cups is meant to be a teacher and not somewhere to stay.  When you can look back on certain events and think to yourself “Wow if that hadn’t happened, I would not be experiencing this” or if you look back and think “why do the same things keep happening over and over again?” This is where it’s important to look and see where you may not have listened to that inner guidance and conquered that particular lesson. We can get comfortable in this 6 of cups because regardless of how painful it is, it’s familiar.
The next card is the Moon. This our challenge/ gift. Yes, the challenge and the gift are one in the same depending on where we are on our path. So our next chapter is not quite clear. This is scary, not knowing what is next for us. If we stay in the 6 of cups we are like a hamster in its wheel. Going nowhere. The Moon encourages us to follow our intuition into our deepest fears into the dark. Trust that spirit is guiding you and will not leave you. For some of us this could mean holding onto resentments. Is there a resentment that you are holding onto that is repeatedly triggering you? Holding onto this will cloud your intuition and judgment. Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Releasing this is allowing ourselves to experience true freedom.
So let’s move through the 6 of cups, apply the lessons to now, reflect and move into the unknown (The Moon )there is something beautiful waiting for us there!   ~Leah Gabriel
Leah Gabriel is a new reader who has joined Psychic Vision in June 2022 and is available for Video readings and live chat daily. She is also available at Psychictxt and My Astrology Advisor, our sister apps too for texts, and phone sessions.

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