Cultivating Wonder and Receptivity in Difficult Times

We are still fairly early into this new year and a lot has changed in the last few months. So much that you might not always recognize the world you were born in. Reality as we know it is shifting, which has stirred a lot of fear and painful emotions in the collective energy.
While present energetic currents can be quite challenging, there is also a flip side to the difficulty. We have an opportunity to slow down and have an honest look at ourselves, at our lives. For many, it is time to reassess some things and move in a different direction. Think about it, this past year has shown us more than ever the polarized nature of this world, while giving us the detachment needed to have greater awareness and willingness for change.

When I tuned into the energies today and asked the angels and guides about what message they wanted to convey, they talked to me about the concept of receptivity and child-like innocence.

In many ways, I feel that the message was to return to the heart, its purity. The angels want to remind us that even in times of difficulty, there is everlasting stillness, comfort, power, and strength, that is available and can be found within ourselves.

There might be many things that we wish to improve or change in life, but all transformation starts with acknowledging and accepting what is. Not being in denial of it or running from our feelings. It doesn’t mean to remain passive – it just means that we won’t let unconsciousness guide our actions. Instead, we will process feelings and act with our consciousness – from a place of empowerment.

It is in the innocence of the inner child, that we find the unconditional love that is our core, our Divine nature. And when we are there, we remember what existence truly is about.

So the exercise today is to make a sustained effort to infuse the essence of the heart, to who we are and what we do. Seeing ourselves and others through those eyes as much as possible. And remember that we are all doing our best at navigating a life that is not easy.

We take many detours in a lifetime, but ultimately all paths lead back to love, some are just longer or more arduous than others. Whatever it is that we are facing today, there will always be a brighter day down the line.
I hope these words will help you to reflect and find peace in your present moment, so you can move forward in a more aligned way.

Be blessed,

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