Dear Scorpio,

Happy birthday Scorpio oh my goodness y’all I’m so excited because it’s our season. I’m really going to go in depth about our sun sign for an hour you can learn a little bit more about yourself but also so you can figure out where on the scale of spiritual evolution you land on. Today this article is going to highlight on a lot of energy that we have going on in our sign. There’s gonna be a lot of astrological events that are going to take place not just with the sun in our sign but also in everybody’s consciousness as well because the sun and Scorpio is about. 

Do you mind starting to go into your minds own mysteries? The mind will begin  trying to unravel those mysteries, and the mysteries we do not want to know the answers too honestly. The mysteries you will uncover will be mysteries that we actually do know the real answer is but it bother us because we do not know how to deal with the reality or we are unprepared for the outcome because it is not what we want. So, we hide them away because Scorpio is about what is hidden Scorpio hides from its self sometimes but you can’t hide anything for too long. Ignorance is bliss tends to fall short with scorpio’s self built illusions because they will be able to see right them to the heart of the matter no matter how beautiful the illusion is; that’s just how the cookie crumbles for us sometimes. Scorpio tends to hide is the truth but like it or not is the real reality that we actually do have to face ends up becoming transformed and  transmuted into something better and positive…eventually when scorpio is ready to face the truth. 

They are then able to tap into the Elysian mysteries that only scorpio can tap into. For those of you who don’t know what this is this is actually about the mysteries that Hades a.k.a. Pluto and Persephone actually rule under this sign. Dealing with life and death associated with the themes around the underworld this is not meant to glory death but to point out that this is a part of they life cycle. That’s why this month is going to be very interesting with sun in this sign  because we as a species will begin to sound more and more like Shakespeare Hamlet as October draws to a close. Still going to be lucky but there is going to be a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio sign which I’m actually going to be writing a separate piece on. I want everyone to understand that the sun in Scorpio is meant to illuminate on mystery on the self. 

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