How Our Deceased Ones Connect With Us

During my professional life as a psychic, people have asked me several times how to connect with their deceased loved ones, or how they connect with us. I should tell you that everything in life has the certain time to happen. Therefore, we can try to communicate with the spirits of our loved ones; however, if they are not ready, or if the spirituality reasons that it is not the right time, nothing will happen. We are incarnated in a time-dependent dimension, and there is a lot we cannot see or understand. Nevertheless, spirituality is a puzzle, spirituality is math, and everything is arranged the way it is supposed to be. So, we can only connect with our beloved ones when it is allowed by the Higher Spirituality.

Once the connection is allowed to happen, they can visit us or send messages. In most times they intend to say that they are feeling good and that they miss us. We can realize a deceased one is trying to connect with us when we feel one or more of these “symptoms”:

• Remember the person: sometimes we are not thinking about that person, we are just living our regular routine, but the person suddenly comes to our minds for no reason. I would bet that person would be attempting to make contact. So, when you feel this, try to calm down, concentrate and sense what message that person has for you.

• Dreams: we can dream of a person, but maybe it is not a dream, it could be a real meeting, a spiritual encounter. If you had an actual meeting, when you wake up, you will feel like you really were with the person; you will wake up with the vivid sensation you really were with the person.

• Feel the presence: you can only feel the person’s presence without seeing any shadow or anything. If you can smell the person’s scent, you can be sure the person is around, even if you are not seeing her/him.

• Messages: you can hear or read one random message that makes some sense for you, and you will know that this message is being sent by your beloved one.

I know it can sound easier to identify such things, but it normally is not. We need a little training and understanding of our sensations, so that we know when we are just thinking or remembering the person, or when the person is really near. We should learn how to notice these presences without our personal influence or wish, and we can really do that after some training, learning and reading.

The other thing I would like to tell you is that, when you want to connect with someone who passed away, you can do that at any time. However, your message, vibration, your feelings will only reach the person if it is authorized by the spirituality. You can mentalize the person and send the message, the vibration. Try to avoid sending vibrations of despair; try to send love and good vibrations instead; it will make your beloved one happy, and it will help him/her if he/she is in need of some help on the other side. I know, mainly when the event of death is recent, it is common to feel angriness, despair, as well as not accepting the fact that the person is gone. Allow yourself to feel all these, but try not to project and send them to that person. Unfortunately, we are materialist, we need the physical presence of people to show and see feelings are being revealed; however, physical presence is not necessary, because love and relationships really transcend the barriers of physical existence, time and space.

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