Discerning How and When To Ask For Readings

Hello everyone. My name is Rachel and today we are going to be speaking on the topic of when it is the right time and circumstances to ask for a psychic reading. More often than not, when I receive reading requests, I have to discern as a reader, how to provide an ethical, honest reading that serves to help the client make the best decision for themselves without explicitly telling them what to do based on my own implicit bias.

I always encourage clients to request readings in a calm mental state, as many readers have different gifts. For empathic readers, they ‘connect’ to you when they read your message whether its’ real time or through a prepaid reading request. We can feel your energy, and your emotions. For a novice reader or a reader overwhelmed by your emotional state, it can happen where we read based on emotion than actual reality based on the insurmountable emotion coming through your guides no matter the divinity tools. It can lead to inaccurate readings based on time and circumstance due to your fears and inhibitions flooding the psyche of the reader. We are always here to offer support and we care about you, but in order to provide an accurate reading, it’s best to request a reading when you’re in a place to accept what you’ll be told from a place of logic and emotion equally.

Many times, I find clients that are not ready or willing to take the steps needed upon hearing the information or answers to their questions. I always tell my clients, these readings are meant to give you guidance, perspective and awareness on a situation, and in no way, shape or form should it be the sole indicator of how to handle your situation. Always practice discernment before making what could be a permanent decision on a temporary circumstance in a situation. Odds are when you request a reading, you have the intuition to feel guided to ask – you’ve noticed signs, whether explicit (like text messages, or written communication, or an experience) or implicitly (through suggestion, or a hunch). However, it is important to be in a mental state where you are ready and willing to take that information and make a decision that is best for you, regardless of the title of the person in your life (whether its’ your partner, family member, soulmate, twin flame, karmic partner, etc).

It is always important to ask for readings knowing you have the resources behind, and inner strength within you to move forward. That is why we as readers usually choose not to ethically read on legal, or health outcomes or children. While we are happy to provide guidance, we know it is not within our jurisdiction or right to read on matters that can be resolved by retained licensed medical and legal professionals. We as readers want to provide you guidance on how to move forward without holding your hand and telling you exactly what to do. I believe in free-will, and my ability to empower my client to make the best life choices to better their quality of life, without pushing them into a specific direction against their best judgement. As readers, our gifts are meant to help you see what is already there, but what you require clarity on, but not to alter your perception to an angle that you’d never seen.

As a reader, I hope that I, and the wonderful readers on Psychic Vision are able to guide you onto a path that empowers you to be your best self. Remember, we are as human as you, with our own lives, sharing ours with you as we become part of your life. As we build a client-reader relationship, remember if a reader does not feel in tune with you, it is okay to choose someone else. Not every reader will resonate as every person will in your life, and it is completely okay to choose another until you find your match. It is all a process of trial and error, but the best time to ask for a reading is when you’re ready to confirm and able to accept whatever the aftermath will be, no matter what comes of it.

Be Blessed  ~Rachel

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