DIY – Mini Past Life Reading

Our past lives effect is in many ways, and most of the time, we don’t even realize it. When we start to acknowledge it, we’re can start to heal from it. Here is a mini past life reading.  Take a moment, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths to relax and ground yourself. Then pick the picture you are drawn to, and go to the corresponding number for more info.  And if you would like a more in-depth reading please stop in and speak with me at My Tarot Advisor App  ~ Bright Blessings -Dan

1. The wisdom you have gained through many lives is coming to surface. It seems you may feel as though you are being drawn to learn more on a subject, or switch career paths. Follow this guidance and feeling. What you are being drawn to is in line with your path, and in harmony with your soul. Start looking into how to go about making these changes, and move forward with confidence, as this will lead to a much more fulfilling life.

2. You have lived at least one past life in Egypt. Unfortunately, Egypt has a bit of a rough past, so this may bring up some rather tough feelings. If you experienced a good life there, you will be drawn to, and fascinated by Egypt. Take some time and research as much as you can, and you may even start remembering things from that life. If, on the other hand, you had a rough life there, it may evoke a very negative reaction. Try to realize that we all live our lives in accordance with what our soul agrees to. See what you can do to let go of these feelings associated with Egypt, and move forward beyond it.

3. You have lived lives on other planets, and this may very well be your first on earth. Due to this, you may feel as though you don’t belong here. You may be drawn to scifi, technology, and/or energy healing. When you see the way people here treat each other, and all the wars going on it seems so foreign, and probably fully disgusts you. To find others that are like you, you may want to go to scifi or computer conventions, or take up reiki or another healing art. This may help you feel like you fit in a bit more, as well as find like minded people.

4. You’ve got lingering anger and frustrations from past lives. Unfortunately, this has spilled over into this life. You struggle to let go, to forgive and move forward from situations. Remember, to forgive isn’t to justify and say the person was right. To forgive its to let go of your anger, and to not allow the other person/people the space inside your head anymore. Try to meditate, and work on living in the moment. Many I know have found success in writing a letter of forgiveness to the person. You can even burn it. They don’t need to know that you forgive them, only you need to know it, to move beyond it and get on with your life.

5. You have shared at least one other life with the father you have/had in this life. They may not have been a parental figure in your past life, but some of the issues you had then have carried into this life. Work on forgiving them for the things they have done that weren’t right. Focus on your healing, and let go of any anger/resentment. This will help heal the damaged relationship, and release any karma attached to it. If nothing else, do this for yourself, so you can feel and understand the freedom that comes from forgiveness.

6. In a past life, you lived in a communal living situation. Where the whole community took care of each other. This may be causing you to struggle with the idea of individual income, and having to fend for yourself. The goal here, is to realize that even in today’s society, there are ways that friends and family help each other to meet goals and learn. Try to find the balance, and see what you can do to thrive through working with others so you can all achieve your goals and plans while helping each other.

7. In a past life you were a scribe or a writer. You feel drawn to writing, and seem to have a natural ability for it (after all, you’ve done it before). Start working on it, and write things. Whether it is through blogs, poetry, or writing a book, you can start in your spare time. Right now is a wonderful time to be alive for this. There are so many ways in which you can get written content out there, and self publish things. Take this as the nudge you need to get going, and enjoy the journey!

8. One or more of your relationships are based off of past life karma. It could be that you are struggling with harbored anger or frustration toward them, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. This would be a great time to forgive them, and release that karmic bond. Even if you don’t understand why, meditate and pray to forgive and release them for whatever happened in the past. Adversely, you may have met someone recently with whom you felt an instant connection, and a strong bond. If so, take this as confirmation that you have shared at least one past life with them.

9. You have lived at least one life as a nomad. In this life, you may get a bit restless if you are tied down to one place too long, and tend to move often. Or, you have chosen a job that had you travel a lot. This can also manifest in relationships, where your partner travels a lot. Really, as long as you are enjoying your lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong, but if you aren’t there may be a need to refocus and learn to be happy where you are. If you are struggling with this, work on living in the moment, and finding gratitude daily for what is going on right now.

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