DIY Summer 2018 Love Reading

Hi There – My Name is Dan and I am one of the Tarot Readers at My Tarot Advisor. Today I am helping you do your own Reading!  Here is the forecast for the energy of your love life this summer. This will help show what kind of things to work on, as well as make some predictions.  Pick one or more pictures that you are drawn to, then go to the corresponding number/numbers to reveal what will be going on with your love life this summer!

1. Either you have been struggling to find that one special person, or have been working hard at the relationship you have been in. It seems like it has been taking forever. It looks like this summer will be the time. As many of us readers say and understand everything happens in divine timing. Goals must be met, things must be done, and the timing must be right. It looms like you have been putting in the work and effort, and the timing is finally right. Obstacles will be overcome, and things look like they will work out great.

2. This summer is a great time to let loose, and and let your passion flow. Find that childlike energy and wonder fill you when it comes to your relationships. Be creative, laugh and love in abundance. There is wonderful energy surrounding you, and nurturing you to find what is meaningful to you, and bring tou abundance in your love life this summer. Just let go, and feel the love and passion flowing through you to find it!

3. Pay attention to how you treat yourself, as that tends to be how others will treat you. Love and take care of yourself, first and foremost. This summer looks like it will be about taking care of yourself and loving yourself. Manifest it. Write out affirmations, and focus on you. Build your strength and confidence. Set boundaries where needed. If something makes you uncomfortable, let the person know it. If they choose to continue that behaviour, they are not respecting your boundaries, and therefore, aren’t respecting you. Whether you are single or in a relationship, this will help. You will find that those who are toxic will either change, or go away. This summer is the beginning of more stability for you and your love life.

4. This summer is time to let go of control issues. This reading really speaks to the issues of codependency and fear. It is time to let go of the toxicity around you. Let go of your fears of being alone. It looks like you have found yourself in a stalemate, and are struggling to move forward. You are struggling to see clearly on why things keep going sour in relationships. This summer looks a bit rough when it comes to your love life, but what comes from it for the future, could be amazing. Work at it, and things will only get better. Let go of control, and work on going with the flow.

5. You have been struggling with your self worth. Trying to keep emotionally stable, but it feels like it is very tough to achieve. This summer, the energy is great to work on that. Write and say affirmations daily, it is scientifically proven it only takes up to 30 days to rewire our brain. You are loveable. You are worth the love others feel for you. It is time to plant the seed, and let it grow. It won’t happen by itself, and will take some work, but the effort will be well rewarded in the future.

6. This summer is the time to let loose. Let that flirtatious energy flow. Let go of the worries of the past, and focus on what is in front of you in the now. There is a feeling that you have been a bit too cautious lately, but now it is time to enjoy yourself. If you are in a relationship, this will breathe new life into it, and help fuel the flame and connection again. If you are single, it is time to put yourself out there again, otherwise people may not realize you are looking. Either way, it looks like it could be a great and exciting summer in your love life.

7. It looks like the situation you are in lacks the love to sustain itself through the summer. Work on manifesting what it is that you want I a relationship. Write a list of qualities you are looking for and focus on that. Feel the joy that you will feel with someone loving you back as you love them. Take action, and go after your goals and dreams. Create the place and atmosphere for what you want in life, and the rest will fall into place.

8. Watch for red flags. Your guides and angels are trying to get your attention, and it will help to heed these warnings. The good news though is that you will fare well through this. It isn’t your fault, and you will moving on to something much better. I feel that this will also show others that you can handle your own, and won’t put up with any crap. Follow your instincts and your passions, and it will guide you to someone/something much better.

9. Look on the bright side of things, and stay optimistic. It looks like things in your love life will be moving very quickly this summer. If you are in a relationship, and it is struggling, it looks like things will be getting better. Just keep your hopes up, and work on letting the love in. If you are single, it looks like you will be meeting someone new. If you aren’t looking up, and instead are worried, you may miss tge opportunity as it presents itself.

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