Dreams and Their Meaning and Their Effect

What a dream means?
Dream is a picture or vision which we see when our eyes are closed and we are in complete darkness and we are doing nothing, we are not doing any effort and still a picture it appears in our eyes . when our eyes are shut down. when we are not seeing anything and it is proven that not only human beings see the dreams, but animals also see it. Many times the things which don’t exist and which never happened and there is no sign that anything will happen like that, appears in our dreams and people get amazed. When the same thing happened in their life. And many times what we are thinking like a boy, who wants to become a surgeon keeps on seeing a dream that he is cutting open People and doing surgeries. This is a vision which is his motivation and which gives him a power to move on the Path of his future. Many time a person who has psychic abilities see’s a a dream with the open Eyes while talking to somebody, a vision appears in front of him & that vision help him to find out the answer or the relation with the person, who is asking or who is seeking advice.

So dream is not a small thing it is not open book it is very confusing and a mystery is connected with the dream. The people who see lots of dream they are just fed up with the dreams and they pray to God to have a sound sleep but, whenever they close Eyes to sleep a continuation of Dreams a chain of dreams will start and many times if they see dreams which are not very good in a appearance and when they woke up they have this heaviness and this heavy feeling but when they have seen a good dream and a pleasing pleasant environment in a dream then they forgot the their daily life problems, difficulties so it’s like a boon and Like A Curse also and the people who don’t see any dream they take people who see dreams as some superstitious fellows. Because they have not felt the power or the existence of dream and they are not connected with this area and mostly the people who are very right sided and have fire element more on them they are unable to see dreams and they very really see it. So mankind is always busy in finding out the true meaning of everything, whether it is a small Pebble or if asteroid is falling from the space we want to explore everything, every particle. Why it is there, what is the use and what it is made of, we want to know everything we want to go inside and outside, so this is our nature and we are just doing it out of our nature, we are not defending ourselves we’re just on the right direction. So definitely dreams are good because a dream is motivating a boy to become a surgeon or to touch the sky of his success and a dream is good for a person who is tired of his daily routine and wants to have some good moments and a good dream always give him energy and motivation to do good in future or in the next day but a dream which looks very horrifying and if a girl sees that her mother is possessed then it’s like a cause to her she will never come out of that vision throughout her life. But every dream has a different meaning and it is very important to find out what the real message behind a dream. Because every dream is not a indication, so dream is not a clear book. dream is not a open book it is like a puzzle and we need to be very wise in reacting to a dream and many times the actual meaning or the actual message of dream is exact opposite,and many times a dream is just indication of future happening .

So it’s a very fine thin line and very few people know the exact meaning but if a person who is seeing dream on daily basis then my suggestion is, please write down them and look in your life if anything happens do you find any connection. As I am giving you an incident of my life, I saw a dream that my mother died and I was so heartbroken, the moment I woke up and I was crying for hours and I promised myself that I will never deny her and whatever she will ask I am going to do. Because the dream was so real and I thought I lost my mother. But after seeing that dream my mother has spent 20 years and as Indian literature indicates, when we see a person dying it means he has gained with new age and he is not going to die very soon and it’s a good dream. So in every literature and in every religion dream is a topic, which is discussed by every race.

And since the human beings start talking they are talking about dreams. So friends I am not talking anything new, but I think if you see a dream which appears horrifying and which disturbs you troubles you, first of all you must tell it to the others because, if it is actually a ‘negative,’ dream it will become less effective because it is said in Indian literature if a dream which is not good which is a duswapna (means bad dream) then you must tell to the others, so that it will loses its power and what is going to happen in the future, then it will happen with the less force. But if you see a good dream, then you must not tell it to everybody because it can also let down the positivity. So every dream has a unique meaning and because every human being is unique and his requirement, desires, satisfaction level, everything is different, so is human being who is seeing a dream has a unique meaning. If you know the meaning of a dream then it is good but if you get puzzle after you dream, then you must consult a right person who can tell you the meaning of the dream you saw.

There are certain dreams which people often see I would like to tell you like if you are seeing filthy place like washroom it is a good dream and it indicates some money is going to come in your life. And if you see that you are fighting hard hard with some animal or with some enemy of somebody is harming you like some thefting is happening in your house and you are fighting with the thief then it indicates that your issues your problems are going to solve and you are going to come out of a very difficult position and you will be in a lot better place. And if you see crocodile then some lawsuit is going to come on you or you are going to be called by breaking some law and you can visit the court room.

So friends the list is very long and it is very amazing how dreams help us and many times disturb us so everything in our life hold some beauty and hold some ugliness and dreams don’t follow any religion don’t follow any country or the boundaries and they don’t differentiate in people so dreams take us in a world where no visa no paperwork required but when we are going in the Dreamland it is not decided by us and definitely dreams are mystery and human beings loves mystery because the question which remain unanswered attract us most.

Hats off to the dreams keep seeing good dreams and keep seeing dreams which solve the issues of mankind and stop this hatred which is very much spread in this world like a air, my best wishes to all The Dreamers and to all non Dreamers.   ~Anamika   I am available every day at My Tarot Advisor for Live Chat and Video Tarot Readings

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