February 2019 TarotScopes

Aries – The Lovers Rx – The month looks like it’s disconnected in some ways for the Aries. It may be that your “valentine” hasn’t shown up yet, or you’re not feeling the inner love necessary for the energy of the Aquarius sign that our sun has moved into. Just remember that finding balance is the key, more so than being right or holding things above others. The sign of the Ram is stubborn, but Aquarius season is about inspiration and changing minds…it may be that yours is the one to be worked on this month!

Taurus –Six of Cups Rx – This February looks challenging for the Bull sign, as changes are starting to make it feel like the sands are sliding out from under your feet. But it’s unrealistic to expect nothing in life to change. Change is ever present…people grow, seasons shift, and life holds still for no one. Waiting for everything to be as it was, or stay the same, will make it hard for you. Try to ease yourself into this newness!

Gemini – King of Pentacles Rx – The Gemini is king of the wind, riding each flitting thought and feeling like an eagle soaring on an updraft. Where are you letting this take you this month? While indulging yourself and your dreams once in awhile is healthy, overindulgence will make one spiritually “bloated” and desensitized to the little joys all around already. Another example is overspending to create short term happiness but long term debts. See what this month has to offer you without all the greatest luxuries, and you’ll find happiness there.

Cancer – Knight of Swords Rx – Aquarius energy can bring confusion into the times of Cancer…as the water bearer sign has a lot of influence over the more fluid water elements. You may find yourself feeling a little stagnant this month, without much direction or flow. Take in the surroundings where you are now, there is hidden depth in staying still for a moment, and seeing excitement from a closer look at what’s around you already!

Leo – 10 of Wands Rx – Be careful to not burn yourself out this month, loading your plate with ideas and challenges, and shouldering the load alone. You have friends around you who can help, if you open up and allow them to! It’s easy to put yourself at the forefront when you have Leo’s energy and leadership skills. But a wise leader can delegate his tasks among those around him. Don’t be afraid to exercise that skill!

Virgo – Ace of Cups Rx – You may find your creative flow feeling blocked this month, as Aquarius brings out the need to speak more of your truth. Hiding from what’s being drudged up, as Virgos are want to do, will only make these repressed issues more prominent in the coming months. Let yourself be transformed by you past…not ensnared by it! This will let you creativity come flowing back to your life 🙂

Libra – Two of Cups Rx – Your personal relationships may have taken a toll this new year, and it’s time to re-affirm them. Imbalance and bad communications can only last for so long before your connections start to weaken from it. If you want to keep the relationship, it’s time to work for that meaning within it again.

Scorpio – Three of Swords Rx – After some tough wounds to your heart, it’s time to step back and work on forgiveness. Feeling the pain is important, don’t allow yourself to bury it and fester under the surface. Pain is vital to learning, and it teaches us our boundaries, where they were crossed and what we don’t want to allow into our space again. Honor that pain, thank it for it’s lessons, then help it move along.

Sagittarius – The Empress – Wear your crown high this month Sag, as you’ll find Aquarius energy fanning your natural flames. This month is a good time to nurture your connections with those around you and those you wish to keep will bask in your company! Seek nature too to help ground you, as this month will bring much to send you flying.

Capricorn – King of Pentacles – Your challenges have added to your stability, you have worked hard and are being recognized for your achievements. This month is good for career pursuits, as it allows the energy of charm from Aquarius to help back up your experiences. Especially in material assets, you will have luck this month.

Aquarius – The Emperor Rx – Know when your voice is meant to be heard, and when you’re trying to control a little too much. Sometimes good intentions can come off domineering depending on how theyre presented. Don’t let yourself be so controlling over your life that you squish the life from it!

Pisces – The Moon– How you relate with others may become more confusing in the month of February, you may feel questioning of motives or if you’re dreaming up the depth of things instead of being realistic. Follow your intuition here, listen to the subtle cues of the heart to find the answer you’re looking for on what to trust.

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