Do You Feel Stuck or Held Back? DIY Reading!

Hi my name is Dan and I am a Tarot Reader available at My Tarot Advisor.
Come see me inapp for a video or photo reading.
Do you want to see what is holding you back from moving forward? We all feel stuck sometimes and need a bit of direction.
Pick the picture that you are drawn to, and go to the corresponding number to find out how to get past it.


1. It looks like what is getting in your way or feeling achieved in your goals, is a failure to look within yourself for the wisdom needed to get there. Take some time to look within yourself. The answers you are looking for are there. Try to set up a daily meditation routine. Just work on quieting your mind. Don’t focus too much in finding the answers. If you can quiet your mind, and just ask the questions, the answers will come on their own.

2. What seems to be getting in your way of getting through the struggles you’ve been having, is the lack of trying more traditional means. Take a step back and try to get input from others, see what you can do to come to a more diplomatic solution. It looks like the key to all of it is working with yourself and with others, to come to a solution that will work for everyone. Try to make it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

3. It looks like you’ve been struggling with boredom. What is keeping you from moving forward, is a failure to leave the past behind. It’s time to move on from that which no longer serves you, it’s time for you to go and search of what makes you happy. Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but without letting go of the past, doors fail to open for new things to come along. So let go, and get out there, and learn to enjoy yourself.

4. It looks like your intuition is really trying to come through. What seems to be blocking it, is a failure to connect with the energy necessary to let it come through. What I’m seeing here, is that you need to find that childhood wonder. That excitement that you felt, in all the things you were learning as a child. Get out in nature, and listen to the sounds, what do you smell? Work on finding the excitement in everything around you, and things will start coming through for you.

5. It looks like you were struggling to see things clearly. What’s holding you back, is you seem to be overburdened. You really need to lighten your load. Ask others around you for help, let go of the things you don’t need to deal with. You don’t need to be the one carrying all of this, and I know you may not want to let go of it, but if you want to move forward and see things more clearly this is a must.

6. It looks like you have choices to make, but are struggling to decide which way you want to go. It seems what’s holding you back, is clinging to things that really don’t serve you in the end. This could be addictions, or it could be material things. Either way, it looks like you need to center yourself, and get through these self limiting beliefs and behaviors, and make the choices necessary to move forward.

7. It looks like you really want to grow, and have the position of authority you’ve always wanted. From what I see, your struggle lies been wanting to have fun too often. Whether it’s partying, we’re going out with friends all the time. It looks like if you want to succeed, you need to find balance between personal life and work life. Too much focus on one, will definitely cause issues in the other. So if you can find that balance, you will get where you want to be.

8. It looks like you’ve been struggling in an environment that needs teamwork. From what I see, it looks like you have been very focused I’m creating what you need for yourself. It seems the issue here, is somewhere within, you haven’t been looking at it as a team. For some reason you feel like you have had to watch out more for your self then the team. Try to let go and let the others do their share, this will really help you and make things a lot more successful.

9. It looks like you’ve been wanting to make a fresh start. Will seems to be holding you back, is a need to heal from the past. It looks like your heart was broken, and for some reason, your fears from that keep creeping up. Take some time to heal from that, seek whatever help you need, or this will continue to happen. The biggest thing, is to realize that all situations are different. Work on your healing, and realize that your new situation isn’t the same, so let your guard down and enjoy yourself. This will really help you move forward.


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