It’s The Full Moon – April 29th

What if someone told you there was great success, when asking for help?
What if someone told you there was freedom, when asking for help?
What if someone told you that there is self-love, when asking for help?
What if someone told you that you are still in control, when asking for help?

This Full Moon on April 29th, it is all about sharing responsibility, asking for helping and learning how co partnership in all aspects of our lives, through the notion of balance.

We have to eradicate the notion that we are alone in this life, because that is never the case, whatever your belief system is.

By asking for assistance, you are showing yourself that you have the strength, the courage and the audacity to take care of yourself in times of need, which is a huge concept to grasp for people who feel they might lack just this. Putting yourself first is your divine birth right, when you ask for support from others, you are not only empowering yourself to shine, but you are giving others the opportunity to do so too in the balancing act of life. When you ask for help you trust in their support, which is the foundation of all relationships because without trust, a relationship is merely non-existent.

So when you fear that you are imperfect by asking for help, rest in the idea that perfectionism does not exist. We learn through these imperfections because it gives us a chance to understand ourselves in a space of growth. If everything and everyone was perfect, how would we be able to learn and grow through life with the intention to become better? We have been given the gift of imperfection so we can build ourselves to be the best we can be, we have been gifted with support so that we can be the best we can be.

We have come to this planet to share our experiences, to support one another to grow, to co-create with one another with the result of a better life for all. For balance comes in the opportunity of being able to give and receive graciously in times of need, for when we reach our hands to others, we are giving others an opportunity for them to reach out to us in return.

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