It’s The Full Moon & Good Friday

For this blog post to make any sense, there are a few things you have to know about me. I am Ren, I am a southern girl. I was born and raised and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My southern roots are very evident in everything I do from the way that I cook and eat to my Protestant Christian foundation, I am a Louisiana girl to my soul.  Growing up in Louisina, seasons are a big deal to us. For instance we know it’s crawfish season when you begin to see crawfish prices proudly advertised right  next to gas prices. Another indicator of a seasonal shift is shoes. Now, in louisiana as far as weather is concerned we don’t really have true seasons. Our winters are sporadic at best and our summers can be summed up in two words; hot and wet. It is not uncommon to see any native break out the flip flops at random, in what should be our colder months. But in spring, especially what we would call spring break or the Easter holidays, which begins today,open toe shoes AKA Flip Flops, make a strong come back in bright vivid colors.

Just as the cycles of the southerner are marked clearly with food and foot wear, the cycles of our personal seasons are marked with the change in weather and the moon phases and is followed by a feeling that spurs us to specific action. No matter where you are in the world or what traditions you celebrate, when the atmosphere changes around you, “something” on the inside of you is sparked to begin a familiar cycle that prepares you to take full advantage of what is happening energetically. What’s even more amazing is how we all, innately, do something that represents something more deeply profound. And even though our “rituals” look different they hold the same meaning. 

For a lot of us the feeling of a new season has been brewing for quite some time. It’s manifesting as this feeling that “I should be doing something but I have no Idea what it is!” Well, I’m happy to explain this sudden energetic shift that is causing you to feel stir crazy, at best. 

As you may know, tonight is A full moon. According to the farmers almanac, one of the many names given to this particular full moon is the pink moon. This name was given to the April fill moon by Native American tribes because it was observed that during this time of year, all the color that had previously left was returning to mother Gaia in full force. The Pink moon, which is named for the returning of the wild ground phlox, signifies a time of illumination and reflection into your inner self, as the face of the moon is fully visible and well lit by the sun. When you add this to the reappearance of nature in the most bright and colorful way, you can’t help but to realize what was a cold and colorless season is now transforming into one full of life and color. 

For the followers of the Christian faith, today also is observed as Good Friday. While Good Friday itself is the day we observe a death of our personal Saviour, it isn’t a day of sad remembrance. Because we believe that 3 days later, death is followed by a triumphant resurrection. This imagery is a powerful one for believers as this cycle of death and rebirth is echoed in our every day life. It signifies a liberation and authority over the power of death in the most profound and poetic way. 

And for those who ascribe to neither of the above systems, it’s the debut of this years  chosen Flip Flop (which is so appropriately named). Simply choosing to dawn this shoe is, in and of itself, is a freedom from the constrains and confines of the closed shoe. This desire for our bare foot to be exposed is synonymous with a practice called earthing or grounding. It is believed that the soles of our feet connected with the earth allows us to connect and draw energy from the earth if you are feeling weary and maybe a little confused and need to recharge. If you are experiencing a surge of energy and don’t know where to direct it, quiet contemplation with your bare feet to the ground and your eyes to the moon can ground or settle and direct these energies to the appropriate place. 

No matter what you believe, the energy around you at this time is in full support of your fresh start. The vivid colors in nature, the beautiful luminescent face of the moon or the feel of freedom on your previously incarcerated feet all work together to give you one big burst of energy and a promise that new and brighter days are ahead. This newness reminds  you that no matter what the last season brought you, even death, there is always a rebirth. A resurrection.   Many Blessings today and always ~Ren

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