Guided By Intuition

Intuition is an inner power that every human being on this planet possesses.  It is that natural instinct, that gut feeling, that sends us in the most beneficial direction for that moment.  Have you ever had an experience when you just “KNEW” you should have went left instead of right at that fork in the road?  Or maybe it was a phone call you just knew you should have answered but didn’t?  Maybe it was that feeling you got that told you to leave just five minutes earlier for work one day, and because you did, you were able to avoid the five car pile up that occurred right behind you?  These are all intuitive experiences, and they happen on a daily basis whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Here are some simple ways to consciously become more aware of your intuitive guidance, and allow it to lead you in life everyday.

  •  Upon getting up in the morning, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, “Intuition, what are the most important things I must do today?”  Following the question right down on a piece of paper or a notebook/journal the first thing that automatically comes to you.  It could be simple as, “Call Donna and ask her how she is doing.”  It may be, “Stop by the grocery store and buy some grapefruit juice.”
  • Take notice of how you feel when the intuitive notion comes to you.  Do you feel a certain feeling in your gut?  How does it feel to you?  Is it more to the left or to the right?  Is it more toward the center?  Do you feel a little jittery or excited?
  • As you go about your day, check off the list as you get them done.  Make a strong effort to be fully aware of what it is you are doing and what is going on around you. If you are interacting with someone, be fully present in the conversation.  If you are doing a particular task, be fully engaged in the action.   After you do an item on the list, take time to reflect how it made you feel, or any type of experience that happened while you did what was on the list.  Be as specific as possible, details are important.
  • Make a conscious effort to pay attention to the sensation in your gut as you go about your day and are making decisions.  Ask yourself this question when you are unsure of a decision you need to make, “Intuition, which is the better option _____ or ______?”

Take notice of how you feel in your gut when you ask this question.  If it is not beneficial for you, you will not have any type of sensation in your gut, it will be blank.  If you ask the question and you get a blank response for both, then both options are more than likely not beneficial for you, and you may need to come up with a third option.

In this case, ask the question, “Intuition, what is my most beneficial option?”

Whatever comes to you naturally, without trying to figure it out, will be the answer.  Make sure you do this exercise while feeling calm and at ease.  Feeling stressed can influence a more negative answer that may feel more logical, but does not necessarily mean it is beneficial.  Take a few deep breaths to calm and center yourself if you are feeling stressed before you ask the question.

These four steps are a simple way to begin to allow you intuition to lead you throughout the day.

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