Gwendolyn Provides Tarot with a Twist!

13173979_2010563992502457_7683963561460579568_nGwendolyn comes to us from Prague, which is the capital of the Czech Republic and she has been reading for 6 years total, and just over 18 months professionally. But she provides a twist with her tarot readings! In addition to Tarot, she reads pendulum with her tarot and she uses Fairy cards too!  As a practicing witch she also does spell work in accordance with moon cycles.  She tells us how it all began, “I was lead to Tarot through a series of prophetic dreams in which blatant signs from the cards were appearing. It is my belief that they were memories from a past life experience, as I had never even seen cards until I acquired my first pack for myself. I never met another Tarot reader until I was already proficient at deciphering cards! Because of this, I kind of invent my own spreads. I was self-taught completely. I began reading strictly intuitively before diving into the history and beginning some intense study regarding the “textbook” meanings and symbolism. “Reading Tarot has opened her eyes to so many of the personal problems and issues people around her are overcome by. Gwendolyn explains, “When you’re a Tarot reader, people will tell you really personal things about themselves, and it really takes the focus off of your own problems and just makes you want to reach out to people.“

Unfortunately, her family is against cards due to religious beliefs but her friends, on the other hand, love it! They have questions for her all the time. She exclaims, “Even the skeptics end up calling me at some point.”

Gwendolyn’s intentions and motivation for Tarot is the standard answer she believes most readers have: to assist in any way possible. Tarot readers choose to be in the service industry. They want to help people. “I want to help people. Tarot has a way of opening doors to possibilities that people were afraid to recognize before. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you helped somebody through a piece of their soul journey with the gift of clarification.”

We asked her to tell us a situation where Tarot helped show the future for others. “I would say one of the most interesting things was the uncovering of a love triangle while doing a reading in my home for a close friend. She didn’t believe me in the slightest, and the man had shown no hints of being a philanderer. Following the reading, we walked downstairs from my flat to have a cup of tea in a pub, and there was my friends partner, with another. The universe had provided that insight as a warning for her, and then instantly lead her directly into the truth. It enabled her to move on to someone more worthy of her affection.”

When Gwendolyn reads for people, she chooses the spread based off of the number of related questions that are asked. The complexity and context of the question plays into her decision as well. It just depends. She goes with whatever she feels intuitively will answer the question most clearly. She stays with people as long as they need to discuss the question, and no, I don’t provide time frames.

gwendolynYou can speak with Gwendolyn at My Tarot Advisor today, and she will definitely show you what is in store for tomorrow! Download the app for free now and get 150 credits to use for a follow up question.

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