Happy Earth Day 🌎

Hi all, and Happy Earth Day! I remember last year doing some content on this very subject last year where I spoke about how I was feeling a strong direction towards people changing their diets to vegan/vegetarian and how most of us were thinking about how our actions impact the earth. I feel it’s safe to say that this is definitely a theme that has become stronger over the past twelve months, and is one that will continue.

In terms of this year, I have drawn the “Recognition and Reward” card for us. All the work people have been putting in in terms of looking after our planet is definitely going to start paying off. Crops will be stronger than ever, pollution levels feel to be on the decrease and the earth seems to be saying thank you for looking after me. It is never too late to start being more conscious about our planet, and looking for ways in which we can treat it better, after all the earth is what gives/provides is with everything that we need, so why not try and say thank you and be a bit more conscious about how we can look after it. For example, are there days where you use your car for the sale of it? Could you have walked instead of using a car? Is it really necessary to leave that one light on? That small patch in your garden would make a lovely herb/vegetable patch don’t you think?

I do feel that we will be blessed with a strong summer this year and that more and more people will be spending time outdoors helping to conserve and look after our earth, and in return, you are going to see ways that the earth thanks is for all these steps we are taking. So keep on doing what you’re doing, and even just one small change can make the biggest differences, and you will be thanked for it.

Love our Planet ~ Be Blessed!   Lola   I am available daily at My Tarot Advisor for Video and photo readings and Live Chat.


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