Harvest Full Moon, September 6th 2017

Autumn brings more positive energy,  September brings us a full moon in which will create a positive shift in the energy surrounding us and good fortune.
Letting go. 
Letting go of the past will be a strong point during the month of September and will allow us to see what tomorrow has to bring, with a positive spiritual change we can see a positive outcome as long as we allow the past to stay in the past and allow beginning’s to enter our life. Letting go of negative people abusive people whether it be spiritually physically emotionally and mentally then allowing those abusive people no longer be in your life will take a huge weight off your shoulder and mind.
We all have dreams and goals and unfortunately sometimes a lack of faith and confidence may hold us back from accomplishing any of our goals. Put your mind to it and not allowing anything or anyone to get in the way of accomplishing that goal and pushing yourself to the limit will allow you to see the most success. Whether it be love finances happiness peace of mind as well as clarity, the full moon this month will bring your shift and your energy and allow you to get what you need to get.
The full moon in September will bring space and romance into your love life bringing you and your loved one closer together and have your partner become a romantic peace love and light is definitely in your love life…. The month of September seems to be a baby making month.
~Juliana     for more insight into September contact Juliana for your personal reading!

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