Healing The Planet Earth

I am finding, more and more recently, that we as individuals are becoming more were and conscience of our surroundings, meaning planet earth.  We have more cruelty and animal free options available to us. More sanctuaries and charities for animals than we ever did and more and more people of late are choosing a vegetarian and vegan diet.  Here in the UK we have had one of our longest and hottest heatwaves in forty years and are on the brink of a water ban, but I noticed recently that more people are leaving water out for wildlife that is also struggling, and doing what we can to revive tired and dehydrated animals.

I guess the message that spirit was trying to convey to me for this blog post was that, we are all responsible for our planets well-being and survival, a message that we hear over and over again, but do any of us actually do anything about it? What I would really love is for every person who reads this blog to do at least one thing differently from now that will help the planet in some way. Whether that be picking up a piece of litter on a daily basis, adopting an animal from a shelter, choosing organic produce, recycling packaging, choosing cosmetics that are free from palm oil (the use of palm oil is having a detrimental affect on our forests and the animals within them) or even volunteering to help do a beach clean or something similar.

What we out into the earth we get back out, and if one person starts doing something differently to help, then collectively we will start to have a huge impact. There is definitely more awareness these days for our planets well-being, and I definitely feel it’s high time more of us got on that page and started doing our bit as well. By healing the earth, we heal ourselves.

   If you are wondering what is in your future, what will happen for you in your universe reach out to me and we can talk about your role in the grande scheme of things!  I am available for live chat sessions, video and photo readings here at My Tarot Advisor App.  Blessings and Healing to you and yours   ~ Lola

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