June 21st – The First Day of Summer

School is finishing for summer vacation, people are going to cottages, visiting the beach, enjoying the weather.
But June 21 is so much more than that.It is also known as Summer Solstice or Summer Equinox.  
It is the longest day of the year.  The Sun shines it’s brilliance on us for more hours than any other day of the whole 365.
If you stop to think about it, the Sun is literally made of Fire.  And Fire is made of energy that has qualities conducive to and supports Passion, Will, Drive, Strength, Determination and Power.  Fire has an energy of forward movement. 

To align yourself in a way that works for you on the day that the Sun’s energy is at it’s peak is perfect!
This could be in the form of a  Ritual or perform some Spellwork if that is your thing, a special Prayer sent out to God or Goddess or the Universe or whatever it is for you to draw in what you are in need of and to help you to get to where you need to go or the strength you need to get through something that you may need help with.
This day when the Sun’s energy is at it’s climax is the perfect day to set your intentions, 

Whatever way you are comfortable with aligning yourself with the energy of the Sun when it is at it’s height of influence on June 21st can be very powerful! Go with it! It is right there for you!

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