Karmic Relationships: How to know if your Relationship is a Karmic one

karmic relationshipsBefore I can explain a karmic relationship the basis of karma has to be known, what is karma! You may ask? It is the influence of yin and yang good and evil, positive and negative. Karma is the dominator in our lives that brings us both joy and pain. It reflects back to us like a mirror who we are, as people and how we treat others. What you put into this world is what you get back. And that goes for love career family and friends, now when karma comes into play in a relationship, it can be for one or two very real reasons. You have gotten out of an emotionally toxic and abusive energetically draining relationship, and the universe is sending this person to you because they have seen what you have endured, and are repaying you with good karma, or if the tables are turned, and you have been that way to somebody else than you can get into a relationship with negative karma, where the ultimate pay back by the universe is to have you experience heart break sadness and misery, until you have learned your lesson, and feel guilty for your actions. And once you do ultimately the karmic relationship ends because it has served its purpose, and your karmic debt has been paid off.

How to know if your in a positive karmic relationship.

Firstly no one is perfect, but you must over look your life, take a moment to see if you have caused anybody heart break misery, or emotional distress. If the answer is no than currently your at a 20% chance it is your karmic life partner, now ask yourself these questions, have you recently or previously, or always… endured hardship difficulty misery sadness, unfulfilling moments, and feeling as if your partner was verbally physically or emotionally abusive. Or have you always been cheated lied to and betrayed. If the answer to some of these questions or all of theme, is yes than you are 50% chance that you have meet your positive karmic partner, put in your life as a gift from the universe to show you true love. Now ask yourself these 3rd and final set of questions have you always given your all and never got half back in relationships? Did you always feel ignored, none existent. As if no matter what you said and did you went unnoticed, but as soon as the individual you was with needed you…… you were always by his/or her side. If the answer is yes. Than its a 100% percent chance that you have met your long term and positive karmic partner.

Lessons of karmic debt relationship

1: learning from your past   The universe doesn’t care if you have broken someone’s heart, 20 years ago or yesterday. They will make you endure a love that seems so thrilling and exciting, only to bring you misery in the end. And that heart break you end up experiencing is payment for your karmic debt. It isn’t easy to accept the feeling is powerful as if you have met the one. But you just don’t understand why it ended, that’s the ultimate goal of karma is to make you somehow see what you have put somebody else through, so it’s best to see it as your debt paid off to karma, and a fresh chance at love and being negative free. And learning to never cause anyone heart break again, learning from your mistakes will only help you in the long run. .

2: Learning to be kind to others feelings   Sometimes as humans we don’t think of others feelings when ours aren’t well, society calls that selfish, I see it as human nature. And this isn’t something to be losing sleep over, we don’t know the regard of others feelings, until we experience what they have gone through, especially if we have our theme through heart break and filled there eyes with tears. This is the ultimate goal of karma. Is confronting us with what others are going through, so we can learn to be kinder more caring loving, and efficient to those closest to us. If you have broken someone’s heart not by ill will or bad intentions, but simply because you didn’t feel the spark and needed happiness elsewhere, karma won’t give you a pass, it doesn’t understand human complex. It only sees who has caused others emotional pain. So the main lesson is to be kinder to others

3 key benefits of a positive karmic relationship.

1: Renewed view on love   The main purpose of meeting a positive karmic partner, is so the universe can show you what true long term, and committed love can be. The main take away from a positive karmic partner, is finding hope faith and joy in love again, allow this to be a renewal of your view on love. Don’t focus on the past know this is a moment of true love.

2: Spiritual and emotional healing   The main thing a karmic partner can bring to you, in a relationship. Is healing of old emotional wounds, you can expect the joy to overcome your past pain that someone has caused you, this will be an ultimate lift up of your soul and really take you to better and brighter places of your life, through your karmic partner you will find the closure you are seeking with whoever has pained you, cause the joy will be to great to not enjoy and focus on. That you will forget your past. And live in the present

3: learning to let go of the past   Learning to forgive and let go is more easily said than done, but another great help your karmic positive partner can bring to you is a future to dream about, you will be presented with goals new ambitions to be in a long term relationship, that the past will no longer affect you, which calls for success in your present and future. Over all positive karmic partners are life savers in a way they are the super heroes of love, they bring restoration hope true love, and a real relationship. And can even be more powerful than soul mates and twin flames, because karmic partners are more in tune sometimes with there partners feelings.

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