Let’s Celebrate the Year of the Red Fire Rooster

Rooster-20172017 – Year of the Fire Rooster – This is going to be a good year – the ‘Fire’ Rooster element of fire matches the main element of my zodiac, the Ram, which is also Fire.  I expect things will be moving forward and I will be paying attention to make sure they are ‘stoked’.  The virtues of a Rooster will be in play this year – so we need to take advantage of them.  For instance, hard work yields good wealth.  Doing ‘regular’ kinds of things brings prosperity and sharing it will be part of the plan.  This year will be about being on time, planning ahead and making sure to respect others time and my own.

Honesty is a big part of the year of the Rooster.  It will be important to be honest, yet tactful, and be clear about what it is I want….to be able to articulate it well.  Although my personal horoscope has love and health with low numbers, knowing this at the beginning of the year will allow me to pay close attention and be open to opportunities.  I have already begun to improve my health, so making sure that stays on track and continue to improve is important.  Allowing opportunities to meet new people will also be important this year and even if the relationship starts off slowly, I know it will grow over time.  This is actually a very good thing for me as in the past I have moved too quickly and then regretted that quickness, so this year will allow me to slow down and enjoy the journey.  Getting to know whoever is coming up and build a solid, lasting, loving relationship.

Roosters are considered good luck and part of the phoenix family – so all their struggles and rising up makes them strong, brave, and resilient.  This will be a good year to begin new adventures and move outside my comfort zone – knowing I’ll be better than ok….if something seems difficult, getting through it will make me stronger.  The rooster crows every morning as the sun comes up so there’s a definite connection with the universe- to provide the sun for life.

The number 8 serves me and the year of the rooster well, so being observant with the world around me will connect us together.  The color brown will help us keep grounded and close to Mother Earth, which we need to take better care of.

Here is a nice affirmation you can say as the Chinese New Year changes “This will be a good year as long as I stay connected to the virtues of the Rooster that serve me well.”

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