Let’s Talk Love This Valentine’s Day

Many of the readings that I do are centred around love. The majority of the questions are: “Will he/she come back to me?”; “Will he/she change or stop cheating on me?” or “When will I find love?”  There’s nothing wrong with these questions. The people who ask are experiencing strong emotions. They are observing their lives fall apart or dismantle at their core.

We all want love, we all want to experience love and be loved in return. After all, we are souls who have come here for a human experience. We are not of this body, but a soul in a body having the experiences that we choose. Yes, we choose each experience. We have free will. We can choose to be in a relationship or out of a relationship. We can choose to play games, to be manipulating, to give all over love, take care of our partner, to blame our partner for our pain and trauma. This choice comes from past experiences, trauma, thoughts, behaviour, beliefs and values.

If you are blaming your partner for your unhappiness because of what he/she said or did or didn’t do, then you are giving your power away. You are stepping away from your sovereignty, your truth! What about worshipping your partner? Yes, you can love and appreciate him/her. But, do you put your partner on a pedestal? Do you view your partner as everything to you, such that he/she completes you and your life will fall apart if you will be nothing without him or her? Does your partner’s mood affect your mood and self-esteem? If you are answering yes to these questions, then there’s codependency in your relationship. You are reliant on the external to bring you inner joy and love.

So, the big question is how can you shift this, how can you return to your sovereignty? Ever heard of the saying, “as within so without”! You have to go deep within to answer the following:

  1. What am I still holding onto?
  2. What am I feeling right now? It’s okay to feel. You are feeling and experiencing negative emotions because in the past when placed in this situation you suppressed these feelings, you pushed them deep down or replaced them with stress eating, alcohol consumption or smoking or even over-exercise, etc. Allow it to come to the surface, feel it, don’t judge it, it’s okay…let it all out. You are accepting your heart.
  3. Why am I choosing this?
  4. What do I choose (not want, but choose) to feel?
  5. What do I choose to experience?

When you choose, you begin to be aware of your choices and actions. You are no longer in victimhood but stepping into your light. This is taking responsibility for yourself. So, be mindful of your thoughts and every action that you take, consciously choosing it. Choosing your feelings and experiences in a relationship is how you will manifest your love. Let go of the attachment or expectation of it by setting the intention and then focussing on self-love and care. Be yourself back to the present moment each time. Another person cannot complete you, but you can share your completeness with another person. So, feed your soul.

A relationship is about the resonance of love, where there is mutual respect, bringing out the best of each other, healing and growing together. Yes, there may be some challenges too, but you both will work and resolve them together from a high vibration of love. If you are constantly pulled down, then the relationship is not serving you. It’s a karmic relationship, which you can choose to heal and grow from, eventually letting go as your vibrations shift and through choice.

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