Looking for Something? – Ask Archangel Chamuel to Help

Archangel Chamuel is a powerful Archangel that will help you find lost things, whether it is your car keys a wedding ring or a precious heirloom, he is happy to assist. Don’t worry if you feel your request seems trivial, he is very patient and happy to help– which is excellent luck for me who calls upon Archangel Chamuel every morning to help me locate my car keys. However, he is also great when it comes to needing help with bigger things our lives as well such as finding love or your life purpose.

This loving Angel loves to play cupid, and he wants you to be happy. Therefore, when you call on Archangel Chamuel trust him to bring the right person to you at the right time, and then detach from the outcome.  This means, instead of saying a prayer asking him to bring your latest crush to you, leave it up to him to decide who is right for you.

If you are stuck in a job and wondering if it is right, or you are hoping to find your perfect career, again ask Archangel Chamuel to bring it to you in divine time.  He will happily help you in your quest.

A simple prayer you could use when asking for your perfect love or perfect career is as follows:

Dear Archangel Chamuel, please help me find ______, if it is for my own highest good. I trust you will bring it to me in divine time. Thank you.

Remember to keep a journal of your requests and do not forget to document when those requests are fulfilled.

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