Love and Madness: In your stars


Love is a sacred feeling which we all counter in every aspect of our lives. Every relation is tied with a sacred love thread be it parents, children or romantic relations. Life is full of praises and happiness if we find a good and supportive partner and it becomes hell if your partner or spouse makes situations tougher for you.

However, the intensity and expression of love are also backed by stars to a much higher level apart from the environment in which we live in. Venus is a goddess of beauty is astrology and it is also a natural benefactor of emotions, admirer of beauty and a planet to determine love and marriage for us. Like that moon gives expression and emotions to it. Any affliction in these two planets not only turns a person more Volatile to such relationships but also gives high voltage dramas like acid attacks, Rapes and domestic abuse to it. Backed by the high energy of Mars these people tend to do crimes in name of love and affection

People with alter egos are born which cannot take denial in a good sense and become more voracious and volatile in their approach for such relationships. Lunacy is more dominated and they tend to hurt people in every possible way. Love is a feeling it is not a way to satisfy madness or ego. We live in a mortal world that has a base of love in it. Without it, we all become lifeless and dumb.

So it is always better to spread love in a good sense. Although we can help such people who intentionally or unintentionally hurt their loved one backed by horoscopes or stars by spreading more positive love and creating a more positive environment for them.


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